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Is Chris Harris better than Champ Bailey?

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    Originally posted by Kansas Bob View Post
    As good as Chris Harris is as a CB, I think his natural position is at safety. That is why I hope we draft a CB and can move him to his natural position.
    I think you are getting him confused with Quinton Cater. Chris Harris started all 4 years at KU at CB.


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      No way. Harris is a damn good corner right now, and he kills slot receivers with his physicality, but I'm not sure if you'll ever be able to stick him on a teams #1 with minimal safety help and get good results like you can with Champ. That being said, I'm extremely excited to see him grow with our team, and really hope we can get him a nice contract to stay with the team once his current one is up.


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        Harris is great CB, will he ever be as good as Champ in his prime, no... not many will. Is he as good or close to Champ at this stage of his career, Yes. There are many "NFL experts" that are agreeing that Harris is our best CB right now and that we have the best CB crew in the league (at least one of the best). Champ is a freak and for him to be as good as he is for this long is amazing. I would imagine that Harris will be a stud, but for a shorter period of time... he may be a great Safety though in 4-5 years. I think Tony Carter is underrated/values as well - he was great when we needed him. CB is not an issue on this team (right now...).

        Champ is still Champ... but Harris is a great CB


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          Harris and Champ are two completely different CB's. Harris is excellent, and I hope we wrap him up long term, but Champ is one of the best there ever was.


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            Champ is a legendary CB, but a bit on the downside of his career. Harris is an over-achieving "undrafted" player who is has found his niche, and will be a steady performer for some years to come. Champ still has the smarts, and can mask any lost speed/quickness with his knowledge, whereas Harris, like most "unappreciated" (during the draft) folks, will likely continue to thrive given the almost certain chip on his shoulder, plus the fact that he has proven to himself and the league that he can play good football at this level play.


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              I love it.

              It's nice to see that Broncos fans off-season arguments are "Which of the Broncos top 10 CB's is better?"

              Carry on, my Bronco-brethren.


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                CAN Chris Harris play safety? Sure.

                But if he's grading out as the number 3 corner in the league - why in the world would we move him to safety??

                And I agree w Cap, I have a hard time remembering Harris getting "picked on". And in reference to getting "owned" by taller receivers, Josh can you please give some evidence to actually back that up?

                I remember Malcolm Ffloyd catching a pass against Harris. Dude is 6'5, he makes grabs over a lot of guys. If Chris was 5'8 or 5'9 I'd consider him short for the position. 5'10 is decent for a corner, no he doesn't have the length of a guy like Richard Sherman but I don't consider it to be a big detriment to him. Obviously he can still play, and I think having him will make the whole 'champ eventually moving to safety' process go a LOT smoother than if we didn't.

                Always root for the underdog, CH has quickly become one of (if not my #1) favorite player. You can never measure someone's heart and determination to succeed.


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                  This is what I do find funny (but understandable because most ppl that write this stuff haven't actually played CB)

                  Harris takes #2's and slot guys and can be aggressive as he wants because we almost always have a safety over him (a WONDERFUL luxury for anyone playing press man) while Harris was outstanding, this is what he deals with

                  Champ went against #1's all season and most of the time has no safety help, he's usually on an island vs the other team's best WR, and he shut almost all of them down besides AJ Green and Torrey Smith in the playoffs

                  Champ had a bad playoff game, (2nd touchdown was definitely PI, and the other times he was beat, it was a very tough play because Smith was exploiting our roll coverage and there was no safety in the middle of the field...Champ also had a bad day athletically (woke up slow, it happens)

                  But other than that game, he was right behind Sherman and Tillman as the best CB in the game

                  Next year we're gonna have the best CB trio arguably ever imo...

                  Champ hopefully will still be Champ and not fall off yet, Harris is a stud and imo right now the best nickel CB in the league (although I think Mathieu could soon change that), and I think DRC has the ability to be the best in the league if he works hard and focuses

                  The 2013 season should be an amazing one! Just hate that the SB is in NY outdoors freakin stupid


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                    Originally posted by jetrazor74 View Post
                    I love it.

                    It's nice to see that Broncos fans off-season arguments are "Which of the Broncos top 10 CB's is better?"

                    Carry on, my Bronco-brethren.
                    My friend...this is soo true! I've peeked over on the Chargers and Raiders forums for curiousity. And I realize that we have very few bad issues in Bronco-land! It's a good time to be a Bronco fan!


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                      There have been a lot of good points made in this thread. I understand the argument that Champ is covering number one receivers with little or no safety help over the top. I also understand that Harris normally does have safety help over the top, and is usually covering number two receivers, Tight ends, etc.

                      Just based on what the average fan would have seen with minimal knowledge of the X's and O's last year? Harris outperformed Champ. Once you factor in the rest of it? Champ had a good season, and played exceptionally well considering his age, with only two bad games, Cincinatti, and Baltimore. Harris played much better than anticipated and is becoming a household name even outside of Denver. Is he at Champ's level? No. Will he ever be at the level of Champ in his prime? Doubtful. Will he be good enough to take Champ's place one of these days when Champ hangs up the cleats or moves to safety? Yes, I think he will do well with only a slight drop off from what we will see from Champ over the next few years.

                      Is it a bad thing to compare a young Harris to an aging Champ? No, it's not. Champ even at his age is still one of the better corners in the league. If Harris is close enough to even merit comparison by some, then we as a team are in great shape in our defensive backfield.

                      I also agree with Jet, if this kind of subject is compelling and interesting to discuss, over and above anything else going on? We are truly blessed and I'm stoked for this season to start Go Broncos


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                        Originally posted by johntbronco View Post
                        Do you think Chris Harris is better than Champ Bailey?

                        Matt Miller from Bleacherreport thinks so:

                        He rated Champ 7th best Cornerback in the league:
                        Champ Bailey is a future Hall of Fame candidate, and in 2012 he was once again a top-tier cornerback. He is a fluid athlete with the quickness to turn and run with wide receivers off the line. While the league's best will beat him over the top, he’s instinctive and athletic enough to keep pace with most NFL talent.

                        Bailey allowed just one touchdown in the regular season due to his ability to limit targets and prevent big plays in space. In the red zone, he effectively reads the quarterback and reacts in zone coverage. He plays the ball well when breaking on routes from a soft zone. He still has the ability to create and force turnovers.

                        Run Defense13/15
                        Bailey plays the run better than you might expect. He is one of the game’s best at forcing runners back inside to tacklers and will come up to take away tosses and sweeps.

                        You won’t see many missed tackles when scouting Bailey. He’s an active, aggressive tackler with wrap-up technique and sure hands.

                        Bailey has lost a step, but his 2012 film showed that he’s still a top-level NFL cornerback. There’s still quality play left in his game.
                        So? Bleacher Report is a fan site where anyone can cast himself as a sports pundit and write articles full of their own ill-informed opinions that are taken seriously only by people who don't know what Bleacher Report is.
                        You Tell 'em Justice is coming. You tell 'em I'M coming!sigpic