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Why so much hate for montee ball?

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    Originally posted by crash123go View Post
    I'm sorry but the system doesn't "NEED" a pounder at RB. They need a productive RB. Right now the most talented RB is hillman and if he builds on the ravens game and Gase does as he says and opens up the playbook much more then McCoy ever could then the best thing for us would be hillman starting.

    Stewart and Williams were both first round picks and they didn't even start so why do you think ball will? Fox has NEVER started a rookie RB and his rookie RB have never carried more then 185 times, ball won't break that tradition

    Hillman is 100% not that RB.

    As for the rest what would you like to bet? Name the stakes and you are on.

    PS- the reason dwill didnt start was because foster was ahead of him on depth chart. Stewie- didnt start ahead of dwill the few years later but he did start taking over goal line reps in game 2. Stewie also came less than 200 yards and 50ish? carries short of dwill and the 1k yard marker. Neither team had an all pro at QB. But you will see, soon enough.
    So far:
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    1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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      Do you think Manning would accept having the best RB on the bench because Fox does not like rookies? It sounds ridiculous, right? What the system needs is a RB that can be efficient in the no-huddle. This will be the challenge for Hillman and Montee Ball. It's not about prejudice towards the younger players. It's simply knowledge of the pro game. There are teams that don't move so fast. There are teams where the QB does not even call the protection.

      The Broncos will play fast with a QB calling all sorts of audibles, changing plays and protections. Adam Gase said Ball's biggest challenge will be the no-huddle process: knowing who to block, making sure he's on the right guy, making sure he has the right run when Manning checks into a run, getting all the words, knowing his assignment. Veterans can digest more information and be more reliable when you consider all aspects of playing the position.


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        Ill hope for the best with dude. But i feel that Moreno&Hillman are the future for us. If both can stay healthy than Ball will look like a luxury pick that couldve been spent on D.

        Elway knows what hes doing. Im just cautious with this class because we have bigger glaring holes else where that I wouldve liked to see filled.

        See why Woodson, Urlacher, & Phillips have been linked or signed to us?

        S, MLB, DE are the top 3 picks i wanted early on. Bash me for me feeling like we didnt fill those holes and have concerns with those holes going forward. Losing Doom will hurt us. Add a young talent to develope is what we needed like Damontre Moore.

        I like the WKU DE though That was my favorite pick. Him and Dysert.