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Montee Ball: Born to be a Bronco

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    Originally posted by one5beast View Post

    I was thinking about this today and seeing that photo sort of crystallized it for me. Remember when Manning had Faulk and how good they were together. I'm not saying he plays like Faulk. But Montee Ball reminds me of Faulk -with his disposition, looks, and even the way he carries himself - even the way he sounds a little bit. If he can be a Faulk for us I'd be stoked! I'd read he's more like Trent Richardson in running style than anyone. Heck if he's anything like TD I'd be ultra stoked.
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      Just met Montee Ball

      I've been working at Mile High the last few weeks so I was hoping I would get to see some players. Ball and his family came into the team store today which was very cool! I was the first to recognize him, but he and his family were extremely friendly to everyone in the store. Was very down to earth and approachable. Glad he is a Bronco as he seems like a great addition to the team on and off the field.

      I also think its great how many players are showing up in Denver before camp to get to work before practice begins.


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        He's a good fit for our locker room. Demaryius Thomas was signing autographs today in Lakewood and he's a class act too.

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          neither one drunk?


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            Originally posted by AZ bronco View Post
            neither one drunk?
            Don't you DARE even think that thought!


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              It's awesome drafting a player who can make an immediate impact and also who grew up a Bronco fan and it shows because he and his family went to go to the gift shop lol
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