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who was the BEST TEAM in afc west history?

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    Originally posted by HUMCALC View Post
    Jerry Rice played in an era where they also could be mugged, he was just too good of a route runner and too quick for them to stop him. Plus he has arguably the GREATEST hands EVER
    They didn't try to mug Jerry too much. He usually faced zone defenses.

    Also, I think that Cris Carter may have had better hands.


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      Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers have been playing each other home and away every year since 1960. I think the AFL years should count since it's the same division now as it was then.

      Sid Gillman coached the Chargers almost until the merger, and Hank Stram coached the Chiefs all through the sixties into the early seventies. Those are two of the greatest coaches in pro football history.

      This division represented the AFL in three out of the first four Super Bowls. Stram won Super Bowl IV and Gillman's 1963 Chargers would probably have defeated the '63 Bears. The Raiders had Al Davis, John Rauch and John Madden as coaches in the sixties and did quite well.

      Stram's '62 Texans, '66 & '69 Chiefs, Gillman's '63 Chargers and Rauch's '67 Raiders should be in the conversation for best AFLW/AFCW teams. All six of the Bronco teams that went to the Super Bowl should be considered as well. I think Red Miller still has the highest winning % of all Bronco Head Coaches.
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