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Crossing 50 TDs a realistic assumption?

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    Originally posted by underrated29 View Post
    I dont know why every keeps blaming john fox for the slower stagnant at times play calling. It was all Mike Mccoy!

    Our team- specifically our offense improved Vastly the say he became the chargers head coach.
    You very well could be upto something here. However, Fox conservative approach is expected to change if we are a team who wants to bite the bullet.


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      Originally posted by Matymaddog View Post
      Since I can't respond to visitor messages or PM's for another 6 or so days, I got a message about how special teams points is 6 x 4 = 20

      That's because by special teams I am referring to return touchdowns. So 6 x 4 = 20 means that the team has 4 returns for touchdowns between punt return and kick returns and since touchdowns are 6 points without the extra point that is how the math was done.
      I think the problem is 6 x 4 does not equal 20. It equals 24


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        Originally posted by cdumler7 View Post
        I think the problem is 6 x 4 does not equal 20. It equals 24
        My bad. Simple miscalculation. Doesn't change much or change the point. I blame a long day for that accident


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          I could see it happening, but it would be dependent upon 2 key things in my opinion.

          1 ) Increased # of drives.

          2) Ideal situations. For example if it is' 3rd & G from the 7 compared to 3rd & G from the 2, the ball is likely in the air in stead of on the ground. If either fail, then it's likely a FG attempt.

          Manning has never played for an aggressive coach. Mora/Fox would likely be tied for the most aggressive, but both are still defensive guys. Dungy & Caldwell were very passive people, and passive could be exchanged with other more derogatory terms when it comes to being aggressive or not.

          The main reason Brady hit 50, and Manning was stuck on 49, was that Belichick was far more aggressive than Dungy. Not only did he leave Brady in at times where Dungy would pull Manning, he also was more aggressive on 4th downs extending drives where Dungy would simply punt or send on Vandershank.

          To have a shot at 51, or anything close to that, the offense will have to be in situations from a down & distance that make it more likely to pass.

          4th & 5 at the 40, you either punt, go for it, or line up for a 58 yard FG. When you add in random points in time during the game, various scores, then the situations can alter the thought process.

          I'd love to see him hit 51+ He should have had 55 or so in 2004, but he played for Tony Dungy.


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            I think it's pretty realistic. Not good to assume anything, but having a better running game will make defenses more honest, and Welker can really stretch the field. It all depends on whether or not Trindon is stealing possessions from our offense though.

            I think our defense will be even better this year, and I'm guessing they'll get more takeaways which will give us the ball a little more.
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