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Surprise Starters at (almost) each position

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    RB: Knowshon Moreno
    Picks up right where he left off. It wouldn't surprise me if Ronnie Hillman got a similar amount of carries.

    MLB: Steven Johnson
    Has a preseason the coaching staff simple can't ignore.

    I want to mention one of the TE's (Thomas or Green) but I feel Manning's rapport with Tamme/Dreessen's all around ability will make it tough.


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      Originally posted by DarkHorse26 View Post
      I am curious as to what body of work are you referring to that warrants your "stinks" comment? He has had what, 7 targets in two years while dealing with injuries. I could understand if you called him "made of glass" or "injury prone" but from what I have seen of him in TC and comments made by the staff, there is a reason he is still hanging around and it is not because he "stinks".
      And I'm not referring to any body of work, I'm referring to the absence of any body of work. As the saying goes, you can't make the club in the tub. If you are never healthy enough to play, I consider you to be a bad player. End of story. I'm not saying he doesn't have a certain amount of athletic potential, but he has yet to live up to any of that, and quite frankly it would not surprise me if he never did. Thus, he stinks IMO. Could he turn it around and become a decent contributor? Sure he could. But as of right now, I think he's a scrub.


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        Am I the only one who thinks Vick and Knighton will both start, with Sly being the 3rd DT?
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          Originally posted by JaysusCutler View Post
          Am I the only one who thinks Vick and Knighton will both start, with Sly being the 3rd DT?
          I feel the same. I think Vick and Knighton will be the front line especially when we play KC (Jamaal Charles)..

          However on 3rd and long situations I see them rotating both out for Wolfe and Sly to rush the passer. All in all it's pretty exciting if they all play hard. JDR will have a heck of a system in place


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            Originally posted by IBeWriteGood
            Pretty much any starting WR in the league could qualify to play as a slot guy based on one or more of the criteria you've listed.

            Sure, Decker could play slot. But so could literally every other #2 receiver in the league. Doesn't mean they should. Which brings full circle the concept that he's seen as the sure handed white guy, despite him proving his open field speed on multiple occasions.

            I think the general consensus is that Decker is fine on the outside, and the Welker is fine at slot --- which you've seemed to concede.

            I meant no aggression and belligerence. Just addressing your points --- remembered, you responded to me first.
            I don't understand your point. I was simply pointing out the reasons people have said Decker could play in the slot. I never said he would be more effective there but voicing Decker should play #2 and move to #3 in 3 wide sets had we not acquired Welker is simple. A lot of teams nowadays are putting either their best or second best receiver in the slot to create mismatches. It has nothing to do with how white he is, it has everything to do with how good he is.


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              Gonna close this one up and clean up.
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