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    Originally posted by theMileHighGuy View Post
    Yep, I agree, that's more or less how it went last year. Also we saw a lot of one back getting a drive, then another back getting a drive, and so on. I don't really think we'll change that up, it's good to keep fresh legs in there as well as the hot hand. Knowshon might be getting a little undersold though. If the young bucks are struggling in their protections or routes you know who Manning's going to want in there.
    Its my guess that Ball and Hillman will be the 1,2 punch but that KM will get plenty of chances on 3rd down to show what he has
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      Originally posted by RunYouOver View Post
      I think we definitely have a good situation at running back right now. To be honest, I really like all three of them and would be happy to see any one (or two...or three!) of them succeed. I've always been a Moreno supporter, I really like Hillman and I think Ball will be a very productive back in the NFL.

      For this year, I think it makes the most sense to go with a Moreno/Hillman combination, at least to start the year. Don't forget that Ball took a ton of abuse in college getting a TON of carries. It certainly wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for him to take this year getting only a handful of carries a game, practicing and getting completely fresh and prepared for the future. After that, let's see how the season plays out. Perhaps Hillman or Moreno become trade bait...I don't think there's any doubt that drafting Ball meant that we were planning on having him be our future feature back. We all know that RBs tend to age quickly in the league though, so having three healthy backs to start the season is a big time plus for us. Between our QB, RB depth, WR depth and strong O-Line, we should absolutely have a top 3 offense in the NFL.
      I can't imagine either being trade bait. Hillman is here to stay and knowshon will be gone after this season. He's due $5 million roster bonus if we keep him past this year and he's likely to look else where for less competition at the position. No one will want that part of his contract


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        I'll be glad to be proven wrong, but if Hillman has to be the featured back then we are in trouble.


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          Hillman was a better runner as the season wore on. In both Baltimore games, Hillman showed that promise. While he will be a COP back, I think he could handle 12-16 carries with his added size at around 195-200 pounds. Hillman, however, shouldn't be our feature back with the starting role.

          I'm a Moreno supporter. He put together a good campaign filling in for McGahee when the pressure was greatest on his job. He's a reliable pass-blocker, receiver, and a solid runner. Moreno is great around the goal line. Look at how our offense changed after he went down against Baltimore in the playoffs. Injuries are his only obstacle from succeeding at this point. I believe Moreno could even earn the starting job by Week 1.

          Montee Ball will definitely challenge for the starting role and the majority of the carries. I would be disappointed if he didn't earn the starting spot by the end of the season. While I do believe in Moreno, if Ball continues to impress and make advances in his pass protection, then he should be starting. If Ball is anything close to the "Terrell Davis" comparison given by our FO, why not?

          As mentioned in the above posts, it should be a Moreno/Hillman backfield for the early parts of the season. Montee Ball should be eased into the offense and should see his carries increase every game. Ball should be a situational player until he starts. Sub Ball in for redzone plays with his nose for the endzone.

          At the beginning of the year, our backfield would look like this:
          1. Moreno
          2. Hillman
          3. M. Ball

          Towards the end:
          1. M. Ball
          2. Hillman
          3. Moreno

          This should be a back-by-committee approach until one back (Ball or Moreno) solidifies their status as the lead back. Hillman, simply, won't have the frame to be an inside grinder that comes with the featured role. This approach would benefit both Ball and Moreno. Ball, with his significant mileage wouldn't have to be the workhorse of the offense. Moreno would not take as much pounding to his injury-prone body. Now, I'm not counting Hillman out. Our coaches are very high on Hillman's development. Hillman should see a much larger role than he had last season. Realistically, I see Hillman averaging around 10-14 carries a game. The lead back should see 18-25 carries.
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