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    Originally posted by The Sheriff18 View Post
    I'm excited about Gase but I still feel when it's make or break time, ie the end of the Bal playoff game, that Fox will make the call.
    I don't exactly see it that way. I think the Broncos no huddle has been brought in partly to give Manning more control. He is going to be more comfortable with the team this next year and we are going to run conservative most the time because it works. But when the play comes up and Manning sees something he'll change the call at the line. I can't wait to see the no huddle because I guarantee you we'll run off a few plays as fast as possible then Manning is going to come to the line and play general like he always does maybe it'll be to audible to a run against the nickel or dime defense or maybe it well be putting DT on a deep route because the safety has been coming in to help with Welker. It is going to be fun.


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      He also talked about positions not on the field, like having Adam Gase as his new offensive coordinator.

      "I think he's one of the sharp, up-and-coming coaches in the NFL. That's why we were able to elevate him after (former Offensive Coordinator) Mike McCoy left. The last two seasons, whether it was Tim Tebow two seasons ago or even Peyton Manning last year, I think Adam deserves a lot of credit for how well those quarterbacks did in their own respective type of play. He's a sharp mind, he's spent a lot of time with (former Rams Head Coach) Mike Martz, and Mike had a great career there in St. Louis when they had the Greatest Show on Turf. They have a wide-open mindset, very aggressive mindset, and I think Adam's done terrific things thus far. You'll see those in the 2013 season."

      Hopefully like Martz, they will be more aggresive.


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        What ever, the guy is yet to call 1 play.

        As QB coach he has had Tebow, who didn't improve and probably regressed and Manning, who he probably just got coffee for.

        The guy says the right things, but talk is cheap and Manning calls his own plays.
        A Classic.... :thumb:


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          I don't think we can automatically assume he will be better than McCoy but he is saying all the right things and at least from all the accounts from practice the offense looks much sharper at this time of the season than they did last year. Now some of that of course is the offense actually knowing the offense and Peyton being healed up from his surgeries. I do like though what I have heard of how things are being run compared to last year and this offense seems to fit better with what most of us have been screaming for the Broncos to do for years in go to a more hurry up offense and wear the defense down early and often.

          It also sounds like Fox realizes his conservative ways last year cost this team possibly a Superbowl so hopefully something like that will help him become a little more relaxed with the idea of being aggressive.