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Favorite Moment as a Broncos fan since 1998

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    I have a few moments that stick out (in order of when they happened):

    1. Clinton Portis scoring five touchdowns against the Chiefs in 2003
    2. Champ Bailey's interception against the Patriots in 2005
    3. Mike Shanahan Shanahans Janikowski
    4. Shanahan goes for two against the Chargers in 2008
    5. Stokely's amazing catch against the Bengals in 2009
    6. Brandon Marshall's catch and run to beat the Cowboys in 2009
    7. Hearing that McDaniels was fired in 2010
    8. Tebow's 96 yard drive against that Jets in 2011
    9. Tebow to Thomas 2011
    10. Broncos beat the Chargers after being down by 24 points in 2012

    Looking forward to adding another Super Bowl memory here soon


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      Living in Pennsylvania around a ton of Steelers fans, 2011 playoffs will always hold a special spot in my heart. But hearing about the Peyton signing after following the Peyton sweepsteaks is a close second. However 2002 seeing the Jets vs Broncos in New York was my favorite personal moment, seeing my team for the first time with my dad. Even though they lost.
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        Seeing the Broncos win in Carolina in the 2012 season. It was my wife's first NFL game, our team played great and Von did the Superman after sacking Cam.
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          Champs interception against the pats


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            Champ vs New England
            Holy Stokley
            Tebow to Thomas

            Also, although we ended up losing (through some questionable officiating), the game at Wembley against the 49ers was special for me, my first live Broncos game, shame about the outcome but I had an amazing time cheering all things Broncos completely surrounded by 49ers fans!
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