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The Manning "Meter" - (a stats thread)

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  • I'd love an update to this thread.


    • I'm sure we'll get the real update soon.

      But just to help a bit:

      TDs - 487 - Now stands only 21 behind Favre (508)
      Yards - 64,698. Now stands 7,140 yards behind Favre (71,838)
      Completions - 5,507. Now stands 793 behind Favre (6,300)

      Obviously, this weekend in Oakland, Manning will add to his totals etc.
      He'll catch Favre in TDs, by the middle of 2014. Yards will require all of 2014, plus at least half of 2015.
      Completions will likely occur near the very end of 2015.

      Beyond this, you'll have to wait for the official updates.


      • Nice work thanks. I wonder how much hoopla there will be when he passes Favre for TD's. I am thinking week 6 next season.


        • Originally posted by 18to88 View Post
          Nice work thanks. I wonder how much hoopla there will be when he passes Favre for TD's. I am thinking week 6 next season.
          You figure 3 more at Oak, so 490.
          He's need 18 to tie/pass essentially, so your week 6 scenario is pretty close. in Denver he's had 88 TDs in 31 games now, so very nearly 3 per game. Even at 2.5 per game pace, we'd be looking at week 7 next year.
          There will be considerable media attention. It's probably the most coveted record for QBs.

          When I was a kid...young man.....Unitas was the standard bearer at 290. Tarkenton passed him somewhere in late 70s, and ended up with 342. Still a very underrated accomplishment, by a guy that doesn't get NEARLY enough credit for the great career he had. Fran Tarkenton was the real deal.
          That 342 lasted quite a while, until Marino owned it.
          Why don't I just look this up?

          Ok, a little history: The all time TD (career) leaders:

          Sammy Baugh sort of defined the QB position, and in 1943, became the career leader surpassing the then total of 60 something by ...(it doesn't matter). Baugh held the all time ranking until let's look at the chart in this vein: Year took lead - final career total - year he was surpassed.

          Sammy Baugh - 1943 (187 career total) which was surpassed in 1962 by YA Tittle
          YA Tittle - 1962 (242 career total) which was surpassed in 1967 by Johnny Unitas
          Johnny Unitas - 1967 (290 career total) which was surpassed in 1975 by Fran Tarkenton
          Fran Tarkenton - 1975 (342 career total) which was surpassed in 1995 by Dan Marino
          Dan Marino - 1995 (420 career total) which was surpassed by Brett Favre in 2007
          Brett Favre - 2007 (508 career total) which WILL be surpassed by Peyton Manning in 2014.

          The (# career total) is what the player finished at, NOT what he had when he passed the previous owner of the record.
          So what I'm saying above is Baugh became the leader in 1943.....continued to play, built up a career total of 187, which stood until 1962, when Tittle passed for his 188th TD, and so on.


          • I hope Manning throws 5+ against Oakland and puts the TD record out of the reach for a long while. If he can get it to 56+ then no way do I see anybody breaking that anytime soon. Sure other guys might reach 50, but getting to 57 will be incredibly difficult even in this passing era. So if he has a huge day this Sunday, I truly believe it will be a record that will last a long time and be highly regarded again rather than a record that loses some of it's prestige because it's been broken too often lately.