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    Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
    Irving should be starting, all he does is make plays. Bradley is Mays 2.0

    They may be planning for Von's suspension but I'd go Danny, Irving and Wood.

    Honestly would cut Bradley but it won't happen.

    Never thought Id say this but we replaced mays with an even slower version of mays(bradley)The backer I really love is DANNY TREVATHAN but Irving is making good plays mainly against the 2s though.


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      Originally posted by AussieBronco76 View Post
      Never thought Id say this but we replaced mays with an even slower version of mays(bradley)The backer I really love is DANNY TREVATHAN but Irving is making good plays mainly against the 2s though.
      Love Danny as well.

      He or Irving should be starting at Mike, Bradley is bad.


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        Originally posted by jhildebrand View Post
        I think Big Ben went 13-0 and quickly led the team to two super bowls. Aaron Rodgers went 8-8 and quickly led his team to Super Bowls. Dan Marino started 9 games as a rookie and went to the super bowl in his second season.

        I should probably clarify this. when someone posts that a veteran backup is needed at QB, that means your fishing for an Orton, Batch, Hill, TJax, Bquinn kind of guy.

        Brady, Rodgers, Ben, etc... were not veteran backups. They were talent drafted to be developed internally. there is a huge difference.

        You don't see Vet backups come in and take teams to superbowl. You do see homegrown talent that has been drafted come in and take over the franchise and lead them to greatness.


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          Originally posted by crash123go View Post
          Love the knee jerk reaction of a preseason game. It's a live practice fellas
          Well and what no one seems to be taking into account is BOTH teams we play are VERY deep on D. Their starters are amazing but their backups are fairly impressive too. We on the other hand have ZERO depth for o-line.

          Brock is in his second preseason and these two games are really the most ACTUAL playing time he's really gotten thus far.

          Despite what some around here think, greatness isn't an instant thing, young kids have to work to better themselves and it's already evident looking at the way Brock carries himself that he's been paying close attention to Manning and he's learned a lot since last year.

          He may not be ready to be thrown into a real game situation to take over for Manning but not every backup can be Matt Flynn or Kolb or whatever example you want to use of a young guy taking over for an injured vet. If the situation arises which I obviously hope it won't he'll struggle at first but he'll grow each game, I know that because I've seen a strong work ethic out of this kid and a genuine desire to better himself no matter what he needs to do to accomplish that.


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            Oz looks okay to me. I got to watch Orton the other night, I'd never want to go there again. He was drafted as a work in progress. I see progress from last year for sure.
            Anybody know how to get out of Plan A? - Elway


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              Originally posted by crash123go View Post
              You notice how all the veterans on the boards are calm and realize this game means nothing and a lot of names that I don't recognize at all are abandoning ship already lol
              Pretty common this time of year...

              Originally posted by the0rangecrush View Post
              Let's stop the he played with 1s crap. He had 1 series coming in cold, against a team with a gameplan to win vs ours which was to evaluate. So please stop saying that it's an ignorant argument.
              Excellent observation and I agree. You are talking about a kid who has VERY little experience...So many fans want instant gratification "NOW NOW NOW!!" It doesn't work that way. You don't normally just flip a switch and BAM you are Peyton have to work hard to improve yourself and get to that point. A 2nd year player normally won't come out on his first drive of the game and score a TD he's going to take a drive or two to get his bearings.


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                I guess i don't understand all the worry about Oz. He's doing what he should be doing which is getting better each year. He's never going to be the caliber of Manning. But i think he could be a good capable QB. Hopefully, we will not have to use him this year or 2014. I hope that he will get better thru time to be able to take the reigns in 2015/2016 timeframe. In the meantime, let him learn as much as possible now.


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                  There is no Plan B. We're going with Plan A.