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    Originally posted by Freyaka View Post
    The only thing that concerns me is our O-line....Can't have Manning getting hit a lot.....
    Clady will be ready week one, the only worry would be center. If Kuper can stay healthy it wouldn't surprise me if he is put in at center. Though during the Seattle game Manning had a good amount of time in the pocket.
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      Even with the knucklehead Miller letting the team down the Broncos defense will still be good. Would not be surprised to see them in the top 10. Still very deep in the secondary. Still have an improved d-line. Still have Del Rio working his magic as Coord. Pass rush may not be as dynamic but they will still get pressure on the ball.

      Match that with a top 3 offense and the Broncos are still winning the 11 or 12 games to hopefully earn a first week bye.

      All the panic and it is only the pre-season. Even the ass whipping they took in Seattle is good for their focus in my opinion. They looked unprepared and not really interested. Not surprising for a veteran team looking at a long season and an expected playoff run. Seattle was pumped up because they were at home and still trying to prove themselves as a contender. Perhaps even to themselves. Two very different approaches to the pre-season by the HCs and the teams..

      Broncos will take care of business this season with whoever is on the field. Most likely they win the West, win a couple of playoff games and we are discussing their chances in the Superbowl next February.


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        Gotta hold onto the vision. Listening to all the football shows this morning, everyone is now counting us out. They seem to be forgetting that come playoff time, . Von will be back.

        They are saying that PFM can't overcome all this, that he cant overcome the injuries, and that he can't overcome our battered D. But of course, on the flip side, Tom Brady is so good that can overcome all that they lost.

        Those on First Take were saying the ONLY way we can go deep into the playoffs is if we have home field advantage throughout, and they don't think that's gonna happen because the AFC will now go through NE. They were saying that we won't even be 2nd or even 3rd to the beloved NE Patriots because Tom Brady can do what PFM can't. Ugh!
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          I see the Broncos winning 12 games this year and Von having a big final half of the year. I think they can make some noise in the playoffs.