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    Originally posted by Rich_C View Post
    From all of the info I've heard Wes is fine and will be ready week 1. He is being held back to try and let his ankle get back to 100% instead of the 70-80% he's at now.
    Yeah, it's looking like he'll be fine for week 1. I think 70-80 sounds about right. I'm just confuse why he's running routes already. I'd think he rests for the week and returns to routes once he's closer to 100%


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      Think about a sprained ankle. We have all had them. At 80% running straight line and easy routes is therapeutic. It keeps the blood flowing and helps with the healing. Just no cuts or dramatic moves.

      From that picture he could easily be playing catch and not even running routes. If season started this weekend, he would likely be starting.


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        Welker out til Week 1 if regular season.
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          Originally posted by samparnell View Post
          It seems that the type of suspension does not ban him from the facility. He will be allowed to lift with team mates, and attend meetings, but will not be allowed to practice. There are ways to keep the body toned short of contact, like medicine ball drills and mat drills.
          I believe all substance related suspensions should be this way. There are 2 main substance issues:

          A- PEDs
          B- Recreational

          If the league really has the player's best interest in mind, then in either case A or B these players need structure, camaraderie, guidance, accountability, lack of distractions or extra time on their hands etc to HELP them with whatever issues that are the root cause of usage. I'm not saying it's the NFL's job to help the players, but don't make it any harder on them.

          I can't really see any reason a player should be banned from all activities over substance policy violations.
          The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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            Originally posted by bronx_2003 View Post
            He's day to day. I think he's close to practicing but will be held out of the pre-season as a precaution.

            This is why I think so many people WAYYYYYYYY over-react about our injuries.

            Welker, Wolfe and Vasquez are fine. They could probably play this week if needed. Come week one they will be ready.

            The only 2 players down are Bailey and Miller. 2 big players but Bailey is 50/50 to play week one.

            Even if he misses 1-2 games and Miller 6 I don't see a need to panic. We have a great O and a lot of good players on D. 4 of our first 6 will be at home.

            We will run away with the West. We need people like Miller and Bailey firing from mid-season onwards. It might even be a positive with Miller in that he can't get injured and won't get worn down.

            Some people seem to act like Miller, Bailey and Welker are on IR, THATS when I would worry.
            Wolfe is not fine. He's still iffy for the opener, if not game by game into the regular season. From what I've read, he's seeing some top neurologists and spine injury specialists at the Anshutz spine trauma center to make absolutely certain he can't do any damage or risk permanent impairment.

            When he is cleared for practice, I guarantee you coaches will ease him back into contact on a very limited basis, and probably rotate him in and out the line- up like a 2nd teamer, and that could be the case the entire season.

            If there is even a hint of trouble, you will see Derek yanked from the line-up.

            Wolfe is still extremely sore from all that I've read and heard, although there isn't any question he dodged a major bullet after momentarily losing all sensation to his extremities following the cheap shot in Seattle.