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Plummer is good as Elway (almost)!

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  • Originally posted by Denver Native
    So, do you predict that Plummer will be in the HOF one day?
    Lots of QB have that chance coming into the league. Mostly long time starters usually with their same team and if they are a successful team.

    Does Jake have a chance probably not based on his playing for more than one team.

    Has has set many team records in DEN already. Will he ever surpass John probably not. Almost everyone has written him out of the play book in 2007, Jake just might have something to say about it. He might surprise alot of the haters and keep jay off the field for a long time. Regardless of Mikeys EGO.

    Just as until breezes injury, SAN was looking to shop rivers around as they had their QB of the future.

    Time will tell what fortunes lie instore for DEN QB's.

    We just might find out that cutler is a practice QB in the NFL, just like the couches and leafs. We might have made the WRONG choice.


    • Originally posted by West
      Wait a second...that is funny, I thought I just saw you type "Jake was surrounded by nobody" Which season? I don't see ANY season in which Jake was surrounded by nobody.

      03: Sharpe, Portis, Smith

      04: Smith, #2 rushing offense, top ranked D

      05: Smith, #2 rushing offense, top ranked D

      Just been reading through all this crap and this response really stuck out. Just needed in the correct sentences.

      5 should read
      05: Smith, #2 rushing offense,surrounded by Pittsburgh's top ranked D

      Your right of course in 03 we played in IND had beaten like a rented mule a week or so before we played them again in the PO.

      We were without a reasonable DL that could pressure manning. The game before Wilson had mocked manning and their defenses had been embarrassed DEN went in smug that if they could beat them with Q then what could CP do.

      manning ate there lunch and we could not stop them we had 3 defenders watch harrison get up off the ground untouched and run the next 30 yards while Wilson and company *****ed at each other.

      We got Champ out of the deal to shut down their WRs.

      04 Next year Manning killed roc our number 18 CB. DL still did not pressure Manning next year we got the Brownco's and 3 new CB's to shore up the pass defense, which BTW still sucks.

      But in none of those games did we have a viable consistent #2 WR, in the last two our TE's were an after though in the play calling dept. And in none of the games did our #2 running offense show up.

      Your trying to place all the blame on Jake and there were 21 others on the field that did not have stellar days either.

      NO one has stated that Jake did not have piece of the action. BUT BEING ,surrounded by Pittsburgh's top ranked D did not help matters.


      • Originally posted by stnzed
        Thats my point....."All we had"....The Broncos have Plummer and now Cutler....
        If it ever gets down to "BVP", the Broncos will be officially "on the clock".
        BVP?......Please......We are talking about Van Pelt aren't we?....2 for 7 Van Pelt?
        Back to the Practice Squad Van Pelt?
        Yeah you and I are in agreement. If Jake had gone down at any point in the season I don't see how we could have held it together.
        John 11: 25-27

        My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

        Thanks Snk16


        • Originally posted by West
          Wait a second...that is funny, I thought I just saw you type "Jake was surrounded by nobody" Which season? I don't see ANY season in which Jake was surrounded by nobody.

          03: Sharpe, Portis, Smith - Yes, and it showed. The team went 9-2 when Jake was playing, as he had a 62.6% comp, for 2,182 yards, 15 TDs, and 7 INTs . . . again, in 11 games. That calculates out to a 91.2 passer rating. He also rushed for 205 yards. So, I would say he used Sharpe, Portis, and Smith quite well, wouldn't you?

          04: Smith, #2 rushing offense, top ranked D . Well, They had were #2 in rushing attempts. In some of the other figures, they weren't so lucky. They were #4 in yards gained, #9 in YPA, and #23 in rushing TDs. Of course, Jake helped with 202 yards of his own.

          And, yes, Jake still had Smith. I noticed you didn't name anyone else. Of course, he did have Ashley the rookie, who was worthless over the middle and in press coverage, couldn't block, and was still learning to hang onto passes. Yes, and he had Putz, who couldn't block and was learning what the offense was all about. This translated into 20 INTs, yes, but we can't discount the 27 TDs and 4089 yards.

          05: Smith, #2 rushing offense, top ranked D Well, still could not meniton more than Smith, could we? Putz was still Putz, and Ashley had actually regressed. Anyway, the Broncos did have a pretty good rushing offense, although they were #15 in YPA. (Once again, Jake contributed 151 yards of it.) I don't know, however, where you got the idea the Broncos had a "top ranked" defense. A #15 rank in a league of 32 teams does not appear very top ranked, does it?
          Gotta have some characters outside that quote, so I will take this opportunity to say you're losing badly, Westy.


          • Originally posted by Return of Lava
            Mistake jake

            and there ws no such thing as mistake elway?

            Plummer is coming off his 9th year, and you still call him mistake jake after a year he threw only 7 int's a full season

            In elway's 9th year he had 17 Int's and 10 TD's

            like i said, just a blind defense.
            Lava, as always, I appreciate your opinion, but come on dude. Comparing Jake to John is like comparing a cow pie to baked alaska. Sure, statistically Elway and Plummer's first 9 years are very similar, but the fact is John Elway carried the Broncos to 3 Super Bowl appearances in his first 9 years. Yes, the Broncos got blown out of the building in those appearances, but 3 Super Bowl games in 4 years(87-90) is legandary by anyone's standards. That right there shows that you cannot place Plummer and Elway in the same sentence without laughing.

            Jake has won two playoff games in his 9 year career. John had already led the Broncos to 9 playoff wins after 9 years in the NFL, with a mostly average supporting cast.