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I am ashamed as a Bronco fan

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  • I am PROUD to be a loyal 53 year fan of the broncos! i take my responsability as a fan seriously. part of that responsability is letting my players and coaches know when i am disappointed .
    dissapointed with their EFFORT OR ATTITUDE !
    not nesessarily the performance or results, BUT WHEN THE EFFORT or ATTITUDE, or COACHES DECISION, is not what i think it should be, i hold my nose and saw peeyooo !
    this is a responsability of any true bronco fan, just like booing the no shows on gameday !


    • Originally posted by Joshecalpoly View Post
      I have been a ticket holder and I remembered a few incidents but not many, for instance we booed when we kept Plummer in and he was sucking because we wanted to play with our new toy. I remember a few chanting Tebow and cheering when Orton got hurt but other then that their has not been many others. Ive even been to the blow out by the Raiders the most humiliating game weve ever had and we still did not boo our team we booed the Raiders and the refs but not our team. Heck my dad went to a game against KC where Elway had 5 INT's and nobody booed then. I especially never remember booing while the team was winning.

      Maybe its because for the last couple of years I have been gone but I certainly dont remember anything like this and funny thing is when the vets who have been on the team were asked they said they dont remember anything like this either. So I cant honestly say I believe you. Broncos fans have moaned and groaned a few times especially Bubby the Bloody Blister Brister was our QB but we still supported our team.

      When Woody Paige whose covered the Broncos for longer then most of us remember says on ESPN it was an anomaly and that he was shocked that he heard so many its hard to see this as something that happens often

      Yes theres always a few people in the stand that boo every once in a while and some were calling for Shannys head but as far as I remember the boo birds were usually drowned out by cheers
      Booing doesn't mean you don't support them. Like I said earlier when my kids disapoint me I tell them. That doesn't mean I love them any less but I let them know what they've done so they can correct it. When this team does let us down if people boo them that doesn't mean they aren't "supporting" Those same fans may be cheering their butts off two plays later.

      Some people are just more passionate than others doesn't make you or them better fans.


      • Take note....this is what I was trying to say. You play this bad against a good team you normally won't win it but hey since we did win last week I had no right to be upset right?


        • There's nothing wrong with cheer when they do good and boo to let them know they suck.
          Thanks Freyaka for the Sig! And Avatar!


          • They did it again today. Booed the team a little as they took a knee going into the half.

            As usual...

            Still ashamed?

            As you can see, it really is common. It's just they were louder about it at the Jags game, that's all.

            When the Broncos are at home, and have the ball going into halftime, if they take a knee, they will get booed, every time.

            Doesn't matter what the score is. Doesn't matter where on the field they are. They crowd wants the team to give it their all every play, period.

            Gotta think this is true at every stadium in the league......