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Opinions regarding the Denver collapse?

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    When are you guys going to get it through your head Watts had to stay in bounds. We needed a first down!


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      Horrible special teams (I'd even say we have the worst kick coverage in the league) along with a very inconsistent offense and a d-line that couldn't get pressure against a High School team = bad bad bad team.

      There are way too many holes to fix in one year, Shanny has dug a big hole and I don't think he can get out of it


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        What has contributed to our current record is the lack of a guy who will walk down the bench, look each & every guy in the eye & scream his bloody head off for them to get off thier butts and play like men.

        Lynch may wind up being that guy, but didn't have the time needed to earn the respect of his teammates with just joining this year. Smith is not the kind of guy to do it. Smith is a GREAT player, but he's not the guy to walk up & down the sidelines, getting people pumped up.

        Jake, God bless him, just seems to get flustered and dejected...not the kind of guy to grab his teammates by the shoulderpads & do a bit of headbanging to get them fired up (to be honest, JAKE could use a guy to grab him by the shoulder-pads & scream at him a bit)

        There just isn't that fire-in-the-belly, WE CAN DO THIS THING, not-in-our-house attitude on our team this year (or in recent years, honestly). I look at our sidelines when we get behind the 8-ball (which is disturbingly frequent) and don't see ANYone trying to "rally the troops".

        I can't point at Shanahan, Plummer or anyone is a LACK of fire, not a present tangible problem that we suffer from (in my opinion)

        That's what I see as the malaise we suffer from right now.

        "When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest." -anonymous