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Post game rants --- Broncos - Colts

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  • It was terrible decision to run there, whether John Fox called it or Manning audibled to it. That said, Hillman should never be relied on in a clutch situation like that. I wouldn't care if he never played for us again. Montee couldn't even get in the game either, and then you have Lacy and Bell running wild for their teams...

    If this team shows any consistency, which I doubt it will, Hillman shouldn't play again this year. Give Ball the COP carries, until he fumbles again.


    • Originally posted by Rancid View Post
      OK, I know everyone is hot, but you still gotta find the good..

      My game ball goes to DRC. He had some great break-ups.

      Who does your game ball go to?
      Only winners get game balls....

      Hey, maybe we can give a moral victory ball to someone


      • Definitely not hillman
        Welker dude made some circus catches


        • If I were the Colts I'd toss one to Hillman and one to Vickerson.....

          Welker played his butt off tonight.


          • Peyton isn't exempt from accountability though

            Yes he didnt have much protection from his line and his receivers were being held on every play and couldn't get separation

            But you hold Manning up to his own self made expectations - and time after time Manning looked tight - he was errant on his throws, etc etc etc.

            Don't take this wrong I'm not pinning the loss on Manning either. I'm just saying - Manning is NOT exempt. He was not clutch on many early clutch moments - like he USUALLY is.

            Champ looks old finally. It might be over for him one way or another. He's a very prideful player.

            Indy had a nice plan defensively and probably know a bunch of tricks on how to beat Manning - I'm sure they know all 'self admitted' weakness Manning has.

            I found Manning's performance 'disappointing' in the 1st half. The defense had 2 or 3 helmet penalties which are inexcusable -no excuse for that. I respect Big Vick's fire but that was costly - so was the other one.
            Red 98

            Kareem rises to the top


            • Does Fox even have authority on the sidelines for calls? Lol..


              • decker. he was the only bright spot on the offense for a large portion of the game.


                • Originally posted by HarlemHeat View Post
                  He's been a reliable returner for the team this season, tbh..
                  If you are only looking at it from the standpoint of how many he's actually lost this season, the yes you are correct. But he displays major ball security issues every week. Heck, he almost muffed another return tonight. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ripping the guy, but I would not classify him as reliable.


                  • Originally posted by Elway'sGhost View Post
                    Glad to see all the Tebow supporters still around.
                    I have confidence knowing Tebow wouldn't have audibled to a Hillman run inside the five at least...
                    Eating greedy


                    • I dunno but the playcalling was awful today...runs and screens....We need to come out throwing and never stop. We clearly can't run the ball and the screens are starting to get pretty predictable.


                      • Forgot Von Miller MIA

                        Originally posted by MHSalute View Post
                        There was enough blame to go around:

                        Clark with a poor game
                        JT cant pass block
                        Holiday fumble
                        Decker losing ball reaching for TD
                        Hillman fumble
                        Champ getting confused on Heyward Bey fake reverse
                        Missed takles

                        All that said, I think this will be a good game to learn from and build off a loss.


                        • I would give a game ball to Welker also-- that was a great catch. Welker is a winner and plays like it.


                          • It was an entire team let down. All phases lost this game.

                            Offense: Played way to conservative on most drives. Reminded me an awful lot of the Ravens playoff game last year. Lots of check downs and running on obvious downs for minimal gains that could not produce the first downs at critical junctures. Too many mistakes as well

                            Defense: All in all did some nice things and got Colts off the field, but stupid penalties like Vickerson call and not a ton of pressure at all.

                            Coaching staff: Where exactly was Welker in the first half? Where was Julius Thomas with exception of TD drive? Where was DT in this game? Why in hell would you run Hillman down there. Moreno is most reliable or why not give CJ Anderson a shot. Could, shoulda, woulda. Up tempo fast pace offense was not highly evident in this one.
                            Wanting to win does not make you a winner. Refusing to fail does.


                            • I can agree with the Vickerson call, but it was hardly relevant at that point in the game. The defense forced enough punts (especially after given enough time to rest and a respectable length of field to defend) and made the big fumble recovery when it counted. The offense had enough opportunities to allow us to get the win.


                              • How can you not blame the D? They gave up 39 points. Got no pressure (So much for Vonn being ready.....), let Luck convert play after play with his legs.......Yeah it was a bad play. But on a positive note.......Moore once again did absolutely nothing...But a lot of you guys are right. He is a stud young safety that makes a play about once a year.
                                Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic