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Why did we pick Ball over Lacy?

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    Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
    Where would Alonso play?

    Woody was always gonna be the MLB, you got Von, then you have Trev/Irving as well.

    Hindsight with the draft is always 20-20.
    To be fair, back then we still had Woodyard slated to be the WLB like last season. Von Miller was obviously going to start at SLB (draft was before any news about legal troubles or suspension). Then at MLB, we had originally thought Irving and Johnson would battle for the starting spot.

    Yes, hindsight is always 20-20, but we need to take in consideration what our situation was back then.
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      I don't think we've seen the best of Ball due to fumbles (word is we drafted Montee cause HE DOESNT FUMBLE, supposedly).

      Just watching him though I like the way he runs. He has nice feet/vision for a big dude. Along with scissor jukes. I think we'll see some special things from him...

      Another reason is John Elway has said Ball reminds him of Terrell Davis, I see the resemblance in size/running style, but he has to play more.

      Moreno looks better than both Lacy and Ball right now so why even complain?
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        I also wonder if Ball is used to having a fullback as lead blocker. Im pretty sure Wisconsin still uses a more traditional style running attack. It could be really tough not only transitioning to the NFL but also learning to run exclusively from singleback sets. Sometimes I wish we still had a fullback for certain situations.


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          Why would I ask this 8 games into the rookie season of both players. Lacy has injury concerns and there is such a thing called player developement. We will see what happens with both players in the seasons to come.
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            I am happy with Ball, he will be an important piece to the Super Bowl puzzle!