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NFL Survivor 2013 Week 9

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  • NFL Survivor 2013 Week 9

    It's the Jags bye week, what do I do!

    Get your pick in 30 minutes before your game's kickoff as noted on the NFL schedule on Last chance to pick this week is 30 min before Chicago @ Green Bay. Any picks made after the noted time will be considered null and void.

    In order to play you have to pick starting in week 1. If you missed week 1 then you are ineligible to play the remainder of the season. You cannot pick the same team twice in the season. Once you pick a team you will not be able to pick that same team again later in the season. Ties will count you out of the game.

    When posting picks note your handle, the game, then your pick for that particular game and finally your teams used so far.

    Example (which will be my pick):

    Pittsburgh @ New England
    New England
    Teams used:Kansas City, Oakland, Seattle, Indianapolis, St Louis, Denver, San Diego, San Francisco

    If you wish to change your pick, please create a new post (with the word "REDO" in it somewhere) rather than edit your old post. The latest post will count. Do not edit any of your posts, even if you've just mistyped your handle. If you do wish to change something, CREATE A NEW POST. If anybody edits something after the start of Cincinnati @ Miami, they will forfeit. This is the only fair way, as someone can choose the Thursday night game, get it wrong, then edit 30 min before a Sunday night game, and nobody will realise they got their initial choice wrong.

    A new thread will be made for each new week.

    Good Luck!

    Here's the schedule for week 9:

    Thursday, Oct 31

    Cincinnati @ Miami 8:25pm

    Sunday, Nov 3
    Kansas City @ Buffalo 1:00pm
    Minnesota @ Dallas 1:00pm
    Tennessee @ St Louis 1:00pm
    New Orleans @ NY Jets 1:00pm
    San Diego @ Washington 1:00pm
    Atlanta @ Carolina 1:00pm
    Philadelphia @ Oakland 4:05pm
    Tampa Bay @ Seattle 4:05pm
    Baltimore @ Cleveland 4:25pm
    Pittsburgh @ New England 4:25pm
    Indianapolis @ Houston 8:30pm

    Monday, Nov 4

    Chicago @ Green Bay 8:30pm

    Here are the Survivors still alive...
    1. 24fanforlife
    2. BroncosFanInPa
    3. ERoyal248
    4. FL BRONCO
    5. MarkB
    6. msusc
    7. NP04
    8. Teetdogs

    Week 8 Stats:
    Everybody Survived!!

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    Min vs Dal

    Teams used: NO, Sea, SF, Den, Hou, Indy, Rams, SD.


    • #3
      New Orleans @ NY Jets
      New Orleans

      Teams used: Patriots, Raiders, Seahawks, Colts, Chiefs, Broncos, 49ers, Packers
      2019 Adopted Bronco: Phillip Lindsay
      2013 Adopt-a-poster: #87Birdman, AZ Snake Fan,
      BSD, Housh, Humcalc and Sophia


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        [email protected]

        Teams used:Indy, NO, Seattle, Denver, St Louis, San Fran, San Diego, KC


        • #5
          FL BRONCO
          New Orleans @ NY Jets
          New Orleans to win

          teams used: Balto., Seattle, Indy, NO,Rams, Denver, San Diego, San Fran
          My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter


          • #6
            Kansas City @ Buffalo
            Kansas City

            Teams used: New England, Houston, Seattle, Denver, St. Louis, Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans


            • #7
              Minnesota @ Dallas

              Used - New England, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Seattle , St. Louis , Denver, Green Bay, San Francisco


              • #8
                Baltimore @ Cleveland

                Teams Used: Atlanta, New England,Seattle,Indy, St Louis,Denver, Green Bay,San Francisco


                • #9
                  Im so glad I went with Dallas. Wait

                  I can't believe of all the teams to take me out its the J E T S Jets. I hate them with a passion. I cant believe NO lost to the Jets

                  Oh well, it has been a fun ride while it lasted. I made it farther this year then last year. Good luck to all those who remain
                  My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter


                  • #10
                    And we are down the the final 5

                    Good luck to those left.