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    No offence to Big Vick and Pot Roast but I doubt they've ever been called "light" in there lives! Haha!

    The main reason we're so good against the run are these big guys in the middle.
    All in for Siemian!


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      Originally posted by gaberox View Post
      Just saw the most rediculous analysis by Heath Evans on NFL Network. He said the difference will be Charles running on Denvers "light" front 4. That has to be the most uninformed statement Ive heard all year.
      In relation to KC's OL? Personally, I think Denver's OL will do better against KC's DL than KC's OL will against Denver's DL. Their rookie RT will see a fair amount of Von Miller on passing downs. We'll see how that goes.
      "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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        Originally posted by Peerless View Post
        Vickerson needs to stop acting like such a knucklehead with some of his dirty and stupid fouls.
        I agree with you, but did you pay attention in the SD game? He kept his nose clean during that game. He must of had his butt chewed off by JDR. Lets hope he can keep his cool this game, but bring some "nasty" to the game.


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          They remind me a lot of the Wilfork/Love combo from 2011, I love what I'm seeing.
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