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Week 13 Denver at Kansas City Superficial Prediction Thread

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  • Week 13 Denver at Kansas City Superficial Prediction Thread

    Go for it folks, lets see those predictions for Sunday's game!

    These can be just score predictions, or individual stats!

    If this thread has already been made, please feel free to remove it!

    Hope everyone had a great, memorable, and safe Thanksgiving Day with family/friends!

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    I'll stick with my original prediction even though pundits are suggesting we score 40+. BRONCOS 30-17.
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      Denver 34 - KC 17
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        They get a sack....KC feels better about it. The media says the monster D is back despite a loss.

        Montee Ball gets through a game without a lost fumble....we see the potential that the FO did when they drafted him.

        It will be cold out.

        Some KC fans will troll our boards...until we pull away by more than 2 scores.

        That's all I got.


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          Supposed to be 50 sunday in kc. Predict we win 42-17. Go on and win out to 14-2. Beat ondy in rd one beat the patriots in denver for afc championship. Redemption Complete. Beat seattle in superbowl for complete redemption of preseason loss.


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            27 - 21 Broncos
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              I predict we finally have a game with no turnovers. A long shot, I know!
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                Denver 38-24

                I think it will hurt with Houston out. I just can't see that Alex can keep up with us, and I think Peyton comes out knockin with another 4td 360 yard game.
                I'm HOPIN that they decide this early so the fans don't have to go thru cardiac arrest at the end of the game

                Even though there are other possibilities for us to still win the division, I consider this a MUST win.


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                  "Next man up" is the theme here, and all of them pull through huge for the Broncos. Decker has a big game, Ball gets back into the mix once again and the defense makes huge plays to frustrate Alex. Prater kicks some huge points to keep it a win. Gut feeling only of course. =) GO Broncos!



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                    42 - 21

                    KnowMo puts close to a hundo and a td up, CJ has a decent day. Manning and The Horseman have a good day, Decker has 2 TDs, people still complain about it. I prognosticate Tamme getting a TD for some reason as well.


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                      Broncos 38 - Chefs 10
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                        Broncos 28
                        Chiefs 21


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                          I think this is the Montee Ball show on offense this Sunday. Gase seemed to really call him out this week and I think Ball rises to the occasion with Moreno a little gimpy. My guess is Montee goes for 92 yards with a touchdown and then 5 catches for another 50 yards and another receiving touchdown.

                          On defense I see Malik Jackson really rising up in the absence of Wolfe with a 2 sack game and 2 tackles for loss on Charles.

                          Overall score is 35-17 Broncos in this one.


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                            The Chiefs offense has scored 13 points or less in four consecutive home meetings with the Broncos. The Chiefs quarterbacks have a touchdown or less in their last seven. Not good for Alex Smith.

                            Dwayne Bowe has no touchdowns in five career home games against the Broncos.

                            In fantasy you might be able to drop the Chiefs defense now, too. The Chiefs D has surrendered 462.7 yards per game in the month of November.

                            The Broncos may give up some yards/points with Vickerson and Wolfe out and maybe DRC below 100% but still the Broncos can easily outscore a mediocre offense. The Chargers clearly looked like the better team last week in KC and the Broncos are easily more able to score than the Chargers are.

                            Broncos 37-20


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                              Broncos 24

                              Chiefs 20

                              (Chiefs, late field goal....on side kick attempt failed)

                              Bronco Shades :

                              Broncos 38

                              Chiefs 13