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Week 13 Denver at Kansas City Superficial Prediction Thread

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    Announcers Jim Nantz and Phil Simms talk about how good the Chiefs are all game and call it a moral victory after a 42-10 defeat.

    This game shouldn't even be close if it is we Bronco fans need to start to worrying. I don't care if it is in K.C. the Chiefs are extremely overrated.
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      My first time participating in the prediction thread this season.

      DEN 41
      KC 24

      A monster game for Decker and Holliday.
      Team Broncos!
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        Weather suppose to be warmer. Ill say 37-17 broncos


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          BRONCOS 44

          chefs 13


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            My prediction: Broncos turn the ball over at least twice in the first half and - if Chiefs have ball first - Chiefs lead by a TD going into half time. Broncos fans and forum posters flip out.

            Broncos turn it around in the second half and tie the game up late in the fourth quarter. Chiefs get the ball with a chance to win it, but Denver's defense stops them and wins the game, likely on a field goal, with under 2 minutes to play. I say 24-21,maybe 20-17.

            I also predict that 1) announcers declare that even though the Chiefs lost, the close game proves the team is legit 2) Broncos Forum fans worry that such a close game means Denver is toast in the playoffs and 3) at least two or three potentially game-altering missed calls happen.

            My thought process (I know, probably TLDR):

            Teams in general have trouble at Arrowhead and even with the weapons available to him, Peyton has not played great against Kansas City. Other than at New England, Peyton had his lowest completion percentage and lowest touchdown total against the Chiefs this year. Last year, his second lowest completion percentage also came against the Chiefs (and remember, that was the year with the three-interception fiasco against Atlanta). Outside of playing for Denver, Peyton has played a handful of games against Kansas City at Arrowhead (in recent memory) and each time he put up below average performances. I'm not sure what his total stats against Kansas City career-wise are, but I remember at least one (maybe two) 0 TD and sub-60% completion games for Peyton when he was with the Colts playing against KC (and yes, I understand sub-60% isn't terrible, but it's sub-par for Peyton).

            Finally, Peyton has historically (and again, I have to caveat with "in recent memory") not played well against 3-4 defenses (e.g., 2003 and 2004 losses to the Pats, 2005 loss to the Steelers, 2007 and 2008 playoff losses to the Chargers). In fact, in each case the Colts not only lost, but Peyton also played poorly (e.g., multiple interceptions or minimal TDs).

            Granted, I do admit that a handful of games is a small sample size and one of those games was also one of Peyton's best (the last regular season game last year against KC). I also concede that even Peyton's "not great" games aren't bad and are often good enough to win; therefore, it's all just relative.

            All of this leads me to believe that Denver will run a lot and KC will be all to happy to oblige as the Chiefs' defense will probably play the pass. Peyton will take what the defense gives him; however, Kansas City's defense is stout against the run and Knowshon is not 100%. All that running probably means a relatively low scoring game; Denver is, traditionally, a second-half team; and the Broncos are usually good for at least a turnover or two per game. Hence my prediction above.
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              @SinePari: You stole my material. I always open a prediction with how the fans on the boards will freak out if the game is close for even two seconds. Then they freak out if the opponent ever makes a good play. It's always Denver doing something wrong; it's not possible for the other team to make good plays. If Denver doesn't win by 30, the team is doomed, has more flaws than all other teams, but it's just people being "realistic."


              Charles will have a better game. Denver has some injuries to the D-line now, and even though Smith looked pretty good recently, the best bet for them is to get Charles going. They will have the crowd, and the same incentives as Denver: bouncing back from a tough loss, and getting the #1 seed.

              Denver will look to continue the balance they have found the last few weeks. It won't be as lopsided as the New England game in terms of run plays vs. pass plays, but somewhere between 35-40 of each. Manning will definitely look to be a bit more explosive. The Chiefs pass rush will have to get creative with a hobbled or potentially inactive Hali/Houston combo. Kansas City likes man coverage, so look for Denver to FINALLY exploit that. A few times this year they have had difficulties getting receivers open against man coverage.

              0-1 turnovers for the Broncos, and a solid victory.
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                I think it will be a 4-quarter scuffle in which there will be a fumble or two, a few dropped passes, maybe a missed field goal, but in the end Denver comes out with a *W*.


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                  Knoshawn takes over the lead for RB's in the AFC. Manning over 400 yds. I will swear and yell a lot during during the game .Our D seriously puts a hurt on the chiefs. The receivers and backs stop at a fresh cut christmas tree lot and pick up the cut off ends of the trees and handle them right up until kick off. ( ala Balitnekoff ) . We have a flea flicker that goes for an 60 + yard td . We tip block a field goal. We are plus 3 in the turn overs for the game. ( 4 and 1 ) Ball has 70 yards on 9 carries .... no fumbles. KM has 120 on 28 carries . The 4 turnovers we get are 3 ints and 1 fumble. The one turnover we have is manning getting stripped from the blind side. The refs FINALLY start calling the obvious mauling pass interference that has not been called all year for Denver. The result of called PI is what results in Manning having 400 +. We don't soften the coverage when we get out to a lead like we did last week. Score D 48, KC 13.


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                    Originally posted by WillTopper View Post
                    The receivers and backs stop at a fresh cut christmas tree lot and pick
                    I used to watch Belitnikoff play back in the day, too.

                    Oh, and I probably do my share of yelling at the tv on occasion. Funny thing is, though, it doesn't respond to that at all.


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                      Most seem pretty confident about this game but, as usual I am pretty worried about it.

                      Both teams need this win and the Chiefs have the advantage of being at home. I have been in Arrowhead stadium the noise is unreal there... I do think it will play a factor.

                      It is not like we blew them out at Invesco so I am not sure why anyone would assume we will win by a much larger margin today. Not saying it isn't possible but, it doesn't seem likely to me.

                      Expect the Chiefs to make some adjustments and play things differently today. If Charles gets going in the run game and we start our slowly... it could be a really, really long day for us.

                      I won't make a prediction because I am not very confident about this one. I just think it will be really close.
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                        29-27 Broncos

                        A late Prater field goal lifts the spirits of Broncos fans everywhere!


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                          Broncos - 38
                          Chiefs - 24

                          That is what I am feeling!

                          GO BRONCOS!!

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                            Chiefs are missing Houston but, Denver is missing Thomas, Clark, Rodger-Cromartie, and Wolfe. They are all inactive.

                            Chiefs 23

                            Broncos 17

                            Winston Justice vs. Tamba Hali at Arrowhead could be bad news for Manning. I bet Justice gives up at least two sacks and has two false starts. Manning doesn't like the noise and complains about the Denver fans. Also, I think the Chiefs really go after Champ early and often. I think he'll really show his age and Bowe will smoke him. The Chiefs got this one...
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                              Originally posted by PFM2013 View Post
                              Decker has a big game; Ball gets back into the mix
                              ^ Just wanted to bump this, lol. Didn't get it all correct, but glad these 2 were spot on.

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