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Assuming Denver takes care of business, who do you want to play?

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    Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
    Not SEA. They are no joke. Their D is relentless, in your face and don't let up. Watching what they are doing to Drew Bree's and the Saints is sick.

    They stop just about everything, the run, the long ball and their pass rush is insane. They have completely shut down NO's offense. Holy smokes!
    They do that at home. They don't do that anywhere else. Consider a neutral field and no "12th man."

    Also, they give up a 44% conversion rate on 3rd down when the distance is anywhere between 4-7 yards. That's pretty terrible. They give up 38% overall (consider that Denver gives up 38.1%) on 3rd down. Denver is the #1 at picking up 3rd downs (49%). That gives Denver a chance to keep a lot of drives going, and once in the red zone, no offense is even CLOSE to Denver's. No defense has really stopped Denver there. At home Denver is 80.77%, on the road they are 79.17%, so it doesn't matter where they are playing, they score inside the 20. That's 13% higher than the 2nd place team, by the way.

    The numbers are absurd compared to the other "great" offenses in the league. We convert 3rd downs 5% more efficiently, score 13 points per game more, and score 26% more often in the red zone than New Orleans, for example. I'm actually not that worried about Seattle. Face it, a defense that hasn't played Denver...hasn't played Denver. Seattle won't have their precious home stadium if/when we play them either.

    I want this team to be considered one of the best of all-time, and to do that, you've got to go through some great teams in the playoffs.
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      Originally posted by samparnell View Post
      It doesn't matter who one wants to play. Seeding will determine the Wildcard Weekend matchups and the outcome of those games will determine who comes to Mile High.
      What a wet blanket you are.

      Why did you even post in this thread? Were you under the impression that the rest of us thought the NFL was a reality show and we got to vote the winners through and you wanted to disabuse us of that wrongful notion?


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        I agree about Seattle, they are almost unbeatable at home but they are very average on the road. That said, they do have homefield advantage pretty well wrapped up. As far as the AFC I think I would like to avoid the Chiefs as beating a team a third time is hard. Indy could be a good or bad thing for peyton, but it isn't in Indy (Mannings old house) but in his new house. I don't know enough about Cincy to have an opinion yet. I want to beat the Pat's and do it convincingly. It irks me that Brady can scream at officials and get away with it. Yesterday the Pat's had NO penalties called on them versus Houston and that is unbalanced officiating. Time will tell, but it is fun to speculate!