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    I love how Von is starting to really turn it on lately but definitely a little nervous with the rest of the group on applying pressure. Phillips when he is on has been a beast for us this season but then he has games where he just completely disappears. I would say right now Jackson is the guy I trust the 2nd most behind Von to apply pressure this year. Going to really need one of those guys to step it up come playoff time and get some pressure when they have one on one battles.


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      Please read! UK / European Bronco fans!

      Hey guys, just created a @UK_Broncos twitter account and have recently got a guy from the US to help with some writing. Also a talk of a website for us in the UK coming up. Hopefully we will be able to do a trip over as a group to Broncos games one day. If anybody's interested please give us a follow. Interested in people to write some blogs for us if they would like and even maybe start a podcast of some sort. Any contribution or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

      Give us a look and follow @UK_Broncos

      Broncos Country!


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        Mic'd Up: Adams and Caldwell