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Interesting Stat for Those who Claim Record Chasing

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    Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
    This is, quite possibly, the most appropriate .gif I've ever seen. Kudos to you, Mr. Royal!


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      Originally posted by VADER72 View Post
      Who cares, this is Colorado. Most folks would rather live here than that turd called Boston anyway. Disgusting city. We set mile high records, let those loser complain.
      I can assure you, you're 100% correct. I've been to Denver once on a layover on my way to Big Sky, Montana, and ended up wishing Denver had been my destination.

      Also, the Denver airport is stupid big.


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        Originally posted by snewguy View Post
        Pats were not record chasing


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          This is what they've been saying in Boston since Sunday. They won't let it go either and keep ranting on and on about it in the sports media.

          They are appalled that it was obvious that the Broncos were running up the score and having Manning throw the ball rather than run it when we got into the EZ solely to get Manning the records and that we need to "be called out" on it. What the hell do we need to be called out on?

          It's not like we kept Manning in the 2nd half. If we wanted to run up the score, we certainly could have done that.

          I find it hilarious that the sports media in Boston is calling out the Broncos for running up a score????? Really????

          They said when the Patriots were going for records they were doing in the context of playing for something meaningful (an undefeated season) while us going for the record was just padding for stats. What a bunch of hypocrites and babies.
          Adopted Bronco: DeMarcus Ware


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            Who cares....It is a record that no one cares about......2 years from now no one will care about who the highest scoring team of all time is......Unless we win the SB. Win the SB and all the records matter.....Lose and they are just footnotes on a disappointing season
            Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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              I had manning on my fantasy team and wanted them to run up the score a few times and they didnt.