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Bronco fans biggest concern going into the playoffs?

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  • Bronco fans biggest concern going into the playoffs?

    I have to admit that I love football and the Broncos more than a healthy adult man should lol. That being said what are your biggest concerns as Bronco fans going into the playoffs? I thought about putting a 4th option saying "I have no concerns, Broncos win it all this year!" but if that is your answer post a reply with an explanation.
    Peyton Manning cold weather/choker in the playoffs
    Defensive weakness
    The Ryan Clady injury comes back to haunt us

    The poll is expired.

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    IF, and I say IF our defense can step up and keep teams to under 21 points, I think we have as good of a shot of winning as anyone.

    For us to win our defense is going to have to step up, we will have to eliminate the mental mistakes, turn overs, and penalties.

    Do that and it is a cake walk.
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      Peyton is going to make some mistakes. He is probably going to throw a few picks at the very minimum but I'm not the least bit worried about him or the offense in general. They'll hold up there end.

      I have a couple concerns. The biggest one is the pass defense and that starts up front with getting pressure on the QB.

      My other concern is special teams and "Heart Attack" Holliday. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him back there fielding punts in the Raiders game. He just can't seem to figure out whether to wave it off, fair catch it, or catch it and run. And when he does decide to catch it, catching it cleanly is 50/50 it seems. I can just see him muffing a punt at the 5 yard line and costing us the game. The risk just isn't worth the occasional reward. But I had the same concerns going into the playoffs last year and he ran 2 back against the Ravens. Maybe he will do that again.
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        Peyton will make a mistake, defenses are harder in the playoffs, colder weather, etc.

        But probably the defense especially with no Von.

        I worry about not having Clady.

        Facing the Mathis', Hali/Houston, Chandler Jones of the world is pretty concerning.


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          I am worried about teams succeeding in controlling the tempo and clock as the Chargers did a few weeks back because of the trickle down effect that has to the offense and its rhythm.

          The D is going to need a couple of big plays (like the Adams INT vs Houston) for the Broncos to win it all.


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            Peyton will make mistakes I'm sure, but he's proven to at least still keep us in the game even when he screws up so I'm not worried about that.

            I'm worried about our secondary/pass defense. I hate that feeling whenever I'm watching a Bronco game and I see the other teams QB just carelessly shred our defense as if they had Manning. I want to see our squad come out prepared like they did against the Raiders.

            I genuinely think that loss to the Chargers humbled us. It's what we needed last year and never got honestly.
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            Champ losing a step, just means the rest of the NFL is now only two steps behind.
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              Other: Moreno is injured.

              Also... I agree about the Chargers defeat.

              It reminded me of the Ravens last season when they got beat by us last year in Baltimore.
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                Defensive penalties, not getting off the field on 3rd down. Love that we seemed to have tightened up ball security issues. Very concerned about Holliday. I just dont understand his regression and he can hurt us with poir field position and fumbles. Hope he gets his head right or they fix whatever is confusing him on punt returns. He scares the daylights out of me.

                No more blocks in the backs on STs would be great as well.
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                  I think that turnovers/fumbles should in the poll. Whether it's Trindon's muffs, Ball's ball protection, or strip sacks on Peyton--these have cost us games.


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                    That said, for me personally, pass rush has been the glaring weakness all season. I think our corners are as good as any, but they can't hold up forever if we're giving 4 seconds to every QB.


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                      I'm not all that concerned with the pass defense, especially if Champ and the rest of the DB's can stay healthy... over the last 4 games the Broncos have given up less than 200 yards a game passing (about 180 is all), they gave up the most to Pryor at 207. Champ at the slot has worked fairly well, I imagine they will keep with that. The Broncos can't afford to get beat up on the ground and allow teams to take large amounts of TOP. Hopefully Wolfe can go and that gives another solid player for the DL rotation and maybe shore up the run D, Knighton has played very well lately and Sylvester is coming on just fine... I hope this equals a decent pass rush without many blitzes.

                      I do figure that teams will target LT Chris Clark, this is the playoffs and match-ups get exploited more so than in the regular season. I trust that Clark will be OK though, might be tough against the likes of Mathis but this offense isn't going to be kept under 30 points. If that becomes an issue they can give him some help and play call around it some too.


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                        I think Manning's playoff chokiness are vastly overrated. You need a decent defense to make it far in the playoffs. The top offenses in the league lost to a decent decent last season when the Ravens went all the way. Our defense is concerning, but we have the top offense that has ever played football. If Manning can stay hot and we get the running game going to control the clock in our favor, we win. It's that simple. We need to pull what other teams have pulled on us by controlling the clock. With our offense, we have the ability to soar down the field and score.

                        We just need to get some pass defense going. I think we will with Harris, DRC and Bailey all healthy. Hopefully we will get Wolfe back. He's been practicing. Williams has been doing amazing providing pass rush and Irving has seemed to step up with Miller going down. The past few weeks have been pretty good.


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                          Biggest concern going into the playoffs? .... Not going all the way to and winning the Superbowl.

                          If the Broncos lose at any point it will not matter why they lose all of the talking heads will immediately crawl out of the crevices and proclaim Manning the biggest post season chump to ever live and I feel bad for him ...

                          It behooves me how some of these same people can put Marino in the "best ever" conversations and he doesn't even have one ring ... Manning has rewritten history and won a Superbowl and yet the pundits still scream about his inabilities.


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                            It's simple two things

                            Turning ball over

                            Not getting off the field on 3rd down

                            That's it


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                              Not having two of our three best players.