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I think we should be cheering on the Indianapolis Colts

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    I wish we could play them all, that don't sound right. I don't really care who we get in the Divisional Round, but I would like New England to come to Denver for obvious reasons, but I would like to play Cincinnati also. I have a lot of friends who are Bengals fans, so it would be cool to play Cinci, but it really doesn't matter to me. They will all be tough games.


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      I would rather play the COLTS simply because we have more to prove against them (followed by the PATS) --but certainly not out of any fear of other teams. The Broncos' greatest enemy is themselves.

      While the division rivals are tricky and unpredictable they are also frankly, tiresome, so they can wait until next regular season, IMHO. My playoff picks have both the Chiefs and Bolts getting popped one and done!

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        I honestly don't care who we play, I just want to win. We can beat any of the 3 teams we could possibly face but we could also lose to any of the three.

        With that said I hope we play the Colts. Mostly because I want both SD and KC to lose, but I think regardless of who we play we will run away with it. Might be close for a while like many of our games have been this year but Manning and the boys are on a mission. Last season being on the 11 game winning streak and getting so much attention I felt like we were almost destined to lose in the first game. This season we have had a couple bad losses recently and a lot of negative attention that has really ignited a fire in this team. I think the defense steps up their game and I think it will be business as usual for Manning and the offense.


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          As much I would not enjoy it happening, I could see both the Chiefs and Chargers winning, then both Denver and KC proceeding and meeting up in the AFCCG. Talk about representing your division.


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            I know typically teams with byes prepare for all the 3 opponents they could possibly face. Wonder who the team thinks we will play and has worked on the most?

            I assume Indy since we know the other 2 teams the best


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              i don't care who we play. sure, it would be fun beating INDY for obvious reasons. but, again, i don't care.

              what the team needs to do is come out and attack, attack, attack, and attack again. full go, no let ups. guys on O need to be physical but play their game. this will help our D tremendously. i am salavating thinking of PFM to Welker riping it up big time, quick touchdowns and more and more first downs like a spout you cannot shut off.

              so, bring on whomever. all three teams bring something to the table. we need to play our game though, let them try to adjust.


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                Colts > Pats > 49ers

                I would love to see the Broncos win a Super Bowl against the 49ers by 45 points, or 1 point.


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                  Obviously our offense is going to put points on the board if they can get on the field. For that reason alone? I'd prefer to face KC or Indy over SD. McCoy has done a nice job of keeping our offense on the sidelines and eating up game clock in both meetings this year.

                  Once you factor in that our run defense is our stronger aspect defensively? That makes the Chiefs (on paper) appear to be the easiest opponent. They have arguably better RB's than San Diego, but they don't have Rivers to improvise and take as much focus off of the run defense.

                  I would also agree with an earlier poster who said they thought Cinci would be an "easier" game for us than the Pats.

                  Having said all this? I'd STILL rather face Indy (Peyton's chance for revenge) and then the Pats (simply cause I cant stand them and want to see us beat them). All of this is assuming of course that we aren't one and done in the playoffs as we have been the last 2 years (and I really don't see that happening again this year).

                  There aren't any "easy" teams, but imho thats how I see the potential of our possible opponents. Go Broncos!!


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                    Yeah, I was hoping for a Colts rematch, and then get the Bengals After that!


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                      The only good team for us to have to play is Kansas City. Kansas City is offense-challenged, and their defense is decent but not quite good enough against the pass to stop Manning & Co. We swept KC; San Diego, Indy and New England all beat us, and Cincinnati is strong offensively and defensively.


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                        Mathis makes me nervous for Indy. Will be nervous no matter which team it turns out to be going to Denver.


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                          Scared to face certain teams?

                          To phrase a well-known gentleman... "To Be The Best! You've gotta beat the best!"

                          I'm fairly certain the team can beat anyone in Denver. Be that Chiefs, Colts, Chargers, Bengals or Patriots.

                          Bring it!
                          All in for Siemian!


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                            I want to send a division rival home. And then the Colts, nothing would be sweeter than stopping irsay a game short of the super bowl.


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                              in my opinion, trying to beat a team 3 times in one season is crazy, so no to KC,
                              we have not beaten Indy yet, and im sure having home field will be some what helpful and not having wayne in the game,

                              san diego, i feel broncos can beat, the last running game was terrible, that scares me

                              cinci, are kinda weird ,they dont scare me too much, as dalton you never know who you will get, and the fact that they are out without their best dmen, and having dre kirkpatrick start at corner, aj green scares me,giovani scares me


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                                Originally posted by MHOC View Post
                                I know typically teams with byes prepare for all the 3 opponents they could possibly face. Wonder who the team thinks we will play and has worked on the most?

                                I assume Indy since we know the other 2 teams the best
                                I don't think they have began preparation on any team yet. Preparing for one team is hard enough. They have probably just been having normal practices while working on things with their own game. Tweaking things and improving on things they have had issues with.