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WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!! (Superbowl Pregame Thread)

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  • I'm not sure but I hope you're right. I do think that the Seahawks thrive off hype and amp. That's what they like and that's how they play.

    I did hear one thing that I found interesting. One reporter said that they usually need to find something to fight about with the teams they play. Meaning, they look for some bulletin board material before each game to get mad about so they can use to fight with. The sports caster said there was nothing they could use to fight with for the Broncos and he wondered what they were going to try to manufacture to get up for the game.

    The over hype of their defense and their running game feels way over blown, almost too forced. Hopefully, that will give them a false sense of bravado.

    Everyone saying that we won't be able to do anything against them is also overblown. Perhaps that will lead them to overlook us a bit.

    Anyway, here's hoping our D becomes the story of the day and we come out and punch them in the mouth cause I'm sick of hearing about Sherman and Beast Mode. Go get em boys.
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    • Which is why my song for the Broncos in the playoffs is :


      • I'm bumping this because I think cockiness is bad luck. More nervous nellies untie, please.


        • Songs that will help us get through the day...

          Cant wait until tomorrow!

          "Put it on the vast choir sings
          Let the Broncos run wild again
          wipe it off that diabolic grin
          Cause it's so contrived
          And it frightens me"

          Danish band that foretold the epicness of tomorrow, last year :-)


          • Defer or Recieve?

            If we win the coin toss tomorrow, should we defer the ball or receive? Seems like deferring has worked to our advantage thus far, post your thoughts here!
            "It's not wanting to win that makes you a winner, it's refusing to fail."


            • Does anyone kow if Peyton is the first starting QB to go to a Super Bowl with 3

              different head coaches?


              • Defer, it's what we do. No question about it.
                Adopted Bronco: DeMarcus Ware


                • Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
                  Defer, it's what we do. No question about it.
                  I support Kaepernick 100%


                  • Maybe we should receive so we can have at least one kick off to return in the first half I think it is VERY possible we shut them out in the first 30 minutes. 20 - 0. Denver's D will be THE BEST D on the field tomorrow. We have been so far in the playoffs. No reason for that to change now, becasue SD and NE O's are FAR better than the hawks. And Lynch will have less than 40 yards in the first half.


                    • Elway went with at least 2 different head coaches, possibly more.
                      Denver Broncos GM
                      Originally posted by Mosk
                      Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


                      • Looking at Wikipedia, I think so. Montana, Aikman, Elway, Warner, and Big Ben went with two different coaches. But I don't think any starting QB has gotten there under 3 different coaches. Position players....maybe. Need more research.

                        Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

                        The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
                        You should check these guys out


                        • Kurt Warner went with three different head coaches also: Vermeil, Martz, and Whisenhunt.


                          • Intensity

                            While much time has passed since the AFC Championship, the game is still at hand. Let's keep our interest piqued, our joy in control, and most of all the intensity to win within us ready to bust out when the game rolls around.

                            Stay ready and be happy y'all.

                            Go Broncos! Finish the task! Make history and be the Best!


                            • "We Will Rock You" - Queen

                              "In The Air Tonight" - Phil Collins

                              "We Are The Champions" - Queen


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