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Super Bowl -- Broncos and Seahawks -- Post game rant

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  • Super Bowl -- Broncos and Seahawks -- Post game rant

    Hello Denver Broncos and congratulations on your success this year. It has been truly inspiring to watch you all play this season and I can say with the utmost sincerity that it has been one of the most exciting years I can recall! I do not really expect that any of the Denver Broncos will read this but as I type this out, these words are as much for myself as I would like them to be for the team.

    Like many Colorado natives, the Broncos stand for more than just football to me, they are a way of life. They represent all that is true and good within our community and within humanity. We natives (the best fans in the world) represent the good side and oppose the evil forces of the Raiders and their fans. We bring balance to the league. We bring good ethic to the game and we bring love to the world. Ask John Elway, and he will tell you that love is what makes miracles possible. And we fans will always love him back for knowing that. This my friends is Mile High Magic.

    Because I have lived and breathed Broncos since I was born here in this great state of Colorado my life has been synched to the struggles of the Broncos. My ups and downs often ride on the back of the great white horse. My lucky number has always been 7, the rocky mountains my back yard and every time I see an orange and blue sunset I know why the good lord chose those colors The Broncos struggle this year has been a type of symbol of my personal struggle in life and it all seems to be culminating at this point in time. Recently I have had a revelation that has given me strength to achieve my dreams and I hope to pass that strength on to them. It has to do with FEAR...

    I have hit a point of "do or die" in my career and life and I have worked very hard to earn some opportunities that stand before me. I have dreamed of these opportunities for a long time and now it seems all I have to do is reach out and grab them. Easier said than done huh? I have fought through some of my worst fears come true to get back on my feet and I now have another chance at achieving true success. But there is a problem this time around. I had to figure out what is my idea of true success really is?

    You may be thinking that fear of failing is the problem but that is not the problem. My problem has always been in the past that I have NO FEAR. I would dive into any situation head first ignoring my instincts and arrogantly thinking that true bravery meant always fighting against my inner most fears stuffing them deep down and ultimately they would bubble up to thwart me. Sometimes doing something simply because you don't want to be a chicken can be a huge mistake and it will ultimately destroy you from the inside. Don't be so gullible Mcfly!

    You must find your worst fears and embrace them or they will materialize before you.

    Fear must not be ignored. It must be recognized, utilized and ultimately tempered with courage... but never must it be completely dismissed. Ignoring fear is not the same as overcoming fear. Learn to love the fear of the unknown in all of life and face it with absolute optimism and humbly accept any outcome that may result from the journey. Learn to accept the unknown future and the fear that comes along with it as an exciting part of life. If you can master and live in harmony with fear you can accomplish anything in this world you put your mind to. For your own fears and desires are your greatest obstacles. Combine the wisdom and caution of fear with the strength and action of courage to create an unstoppable force. Fear will heighten your mind and sharpen your senses and the courage will allow you to do the amazing thing you set out to accomplish. Marry the two as equals in your heart and use them to seek out your destiny.

    Your friends and family will always love you no matter what happens but only YOU will have to live with your decisions. Take chances and embrace the moment but do not move forward into this moment of your life in absence of fear but in humbleness and respect for the unknown and its beauty. Master it as a warrior would master a sword and wield it against the dragons of life. Ride the wave and conduct the raw energy of life through you, do not be overcome by it. If you can uncage and tame the beast within, you will have won not just the day but your life's entire journey. You will have overcome the darkness in this world with the light you hold inside.

    I do not know what the future holds for me as I quit my job and rekindle my dreams in this uncertain economy or where exactly I will be in a year. But I do know that I am old enough now to enjoy the ride no matter what happens. I am afraid and uncertain but I am also hopeful and in awe of this thing we call life and how it works out. I am no longer fighting against life's uncertainties but working with them and welcoming them as a new chapter in my life. I am in love with the world just as it is and I humbly accept whatever fate is granted to me.

    This, I truly believe is the meaning of success.

    Good luck this Sunday guys and cheers to whatever the future may bring... for all of us
    If you play this game with ALL of your heart you have already won. No one can that that away.


    -the magic man
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    Great Post! Good luck to you as well my friend. Go Broncos


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      Wow, remarkable post. I am going to print it out and read it as much as I can as things have been hard financially since I was laid off and finding a new job has been brutal

      I often get seized by panic because I don't know what the future holds. Your words are great reminders.

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        What a wonderful post. Thank you for it and good luck in the future.
        Il a été soit couché ou alors qu'il est étendu maintenant.


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          Very nice post! Good luck to you in your adventure.
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            Nice post. Like the previous posters, I wish you luck in whatever life brings you.


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              Postgame thoughts/Future plans

              Its been a great season, but we just couldnt get it done on offense and defense, its been a ride.


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                I had a similar thread looking to next year and it was deleted so good luck with this one ..


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                  Credit where it is due

                  Fellow Broncos fans, I join you in frustration with tonight's game. From the heartbreak of all of our SB losses including tonight I share the pain. I do have to say, Seattle is a crazy good team, props to them for completely dominating the game. Turns out the "hype" was not really hype at all. Enjoy the win Seattle fans.


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                    Seattle is legit ...we were rattled from the start, worst moment ever as a fan period


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                      Originally posted by jcl78 View Post
                      Fellow Broncos fans, I join you in frustration with tonight's game. From the heartbreak of all of our SB losses including tonight I share the pain. I do have to say, Seattle is a crazy good team, props to them for completely dominating the game. Turns out the "hype" was not really hype at all. Enjoy the win Seattle fans.
                      Seahawks deserve this win. THey domainated it in all phases of the game.


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                        Even the coin toss did not go smoothly and the Broncos lost it. Then the game started and ...


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                          Got outplayed. We all knew we could not be sloppy, and we were. Congrats to Hawk fans!

                          Still proud of our team, hope they can come back next season and get this opportunity (and take advantage) again.
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                            thanks for a great season Broncos, didnt end how we wanted but thanks any who. peace out
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                              So, What Now? What do we do now?

                              So what do we do now? How does this team bounce back for next year? What improvements do we make? Who's back and who's out?

                              For me, I would resign Moreno and Decker and start on the defense by replacing Del Rio.