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What are our chances at Indy

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  • Originally posted by Chief Jimmy
    Did you mean you wouldn't take anyone else from the Colts?

    You wouldn't take the MVP, the best player in the game over that castoff, Plummer?

    Plummer owned Peyton, Chef Jabrone.
    Originally posted by boltzpride619
    What's so funny is seeing all this mess that the Donks and the fans have placed on themselves. Can you say Raiders.

    Originally posted by RunByDesign
    True comedy is observing the Self Imploding Organization that is the Raiders and then asking yourself this question:

    What separates them (Raiders) from us (Chargers)

    Answer: Championships.


    • I disagree with all the people who think shanny should have gone for FG on 4th down, it was a 54-55 yard attempt.

      look at the situations:

      Kick is good- your up by 14 but indy could get a good field position from the kickoff following.

      kick is no good - indy have the ball on their 35-40 yard line.

      punt it- stay a TD and a FG up, and keep indy inside their 2 YARD LINE!

      Hell I think it was a very smart option, it is very tough for a QB when you are passing from inside your own endzone, risk getting safetied.

      were they gonna get 2 scores in the amount of time they had left, possibly, but with a roaring broncos defence, why not keep them deep in their own territory.


      • Originally posted by Return of Lava
        I have the REAL key to the game.

        Trevor Pryce has to play tackle for the whole game. No playing end for him. He is the best pass rusher and needs a straight line to get to the quick throwing manning. Start Berry and Hayward on the outside.

        Walls needs to play about 6 yards off Harrison, this way Walls is more effective, he can jam well, but after that, he cant recover, Harrison would run right past him. Walls has to negate Harrison's quickness by playing off a little. His height would help any log routes they try to throw. Also, STAY FOCUSED, i hope Shanahan brought him into his office and told him "Look, you cant be out there goofin around, you have a very important job and we need to you to be very professional on Sunday for 4 quarters"

        The safeties cant worry about the run, the front seven should do their job on James or whoever they choose to run it, they will be needed in pass coverage, they are going to have to cover a lot of ground cause manning has a lot of guys he likes to throw to.

        We should not blitz to much cause manning is to smart for that. He'll pick us apart, also, we should play the majority of the game in nickel. I say, we put Oneal back on D to cover Wayne, Herndon is not fast enough. Herndon can play the inside CB and also help the run since he is a good hitter.

        I assume we wont have portis, so in that case, we will need to run a lot of screens to Griffin, the colts front 4 will be very aggressive as they were on Vick last week. They might keep one spy on him so the screen seems valuable, plus our o-line is faster than most. Mike anderson will split time and run up the middle, his day should be simila to T.J. Duckett's. Im sure if T.J. can average about 7-8 yards er carry on them, Mike andersen can too.

        The last thing is they must not try to get hyped and start screamin and hollerin and trying to get fired up. That doesnt work with us just look at the KC game, at the start, Al Wilson was screamin at the top of his lungs and they played very poor on the 1st half, Al said they didnt even make any adjustments, but they just calm the hell down and focused on their jobs. Then they played great! Will take a total team effort to win in Indy.
        with the exception of oneal playin defense, EVERYTHING i say works damn it!
        dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

        I tried to warn ya.


        • Good call Lava!! So what do you have to say about the Green Bay game?