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How much do you trust Elway's decisions?

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    Originally posted by Garfield View Post
    RB hllman is most likely gone and they will indeed draft or bring in a UDFA or two.

    QB- so far Brock has shown us NADA and Dysert even less.

    WR I tend to agree with you and most likely they will cover bets of DT's loss next eyar by drafting one as this years class is DEEP.

    OT IF clady is healthy we have one proven OLT and a maybe at ORT as clark is not a run blocker, Painter still a rookie for the amount of playing time he has had, there is Justice but most likely a TC cut if they draft an OT or move OF back.

    OC Manny maybe but monty strictly a short term backup.

    OG for sure need at least one more maybe two, one as a starter the other for backup.

    FS like you said who teh heck knows.

    LB probably draft one I suspect it will be the kid from Kentucky ( have had really good production from the past two).

    CB need at least one or two more the old adage is you can never have to many CB's

    Who has awesome depth everywhere? not many but you do need more than we have OR have to be really lucky. have not been the past couple of years. OR have NOT have knuckle heads like Miller.

    IMO which counts as much as your opine does.
    Wouldnt say Hillman is gone but they need some more.

    Do your Pats have good depth at QB? Mallet has shown?

    They will let DT go because of why? And dont use the 20 mil cap hits, not AAV.

    Franklin is moving to LG, unless he absolutely bombs there, his tweet close to locks it. There is decent depth there.

    2015 draft, draft a G/T this year.

    I'm fine with Moore provided health, there is Boyett who is very talented albeit unproven.

    Not sure on LB.

    Agree with CB, suspect depth there.


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      While no one is perfect, Elway will do what he feels is best for the team. There will be move that most of us second guess. As fans we don't have to weigh cap or future contracts of other players, we can just focus on one player. Elway has to weigh a bunch of other factors into his decisions. Elway does not shy away from the tough decisions and does what he feels will make us competive. Does Elway err from time to time? sure we all do, but in the end he gets more right than he gets wrong. He has a tough job and does is as well if not better than most in his position. I can not think of any body else I would rather have over Elway.

      Most GM's are decicated to the team as long as that team pays them, Elway has been decicated to the Broncos since 1983, and that alone puts him over any other GM in my book.