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    Not sure this was the reason. But I did notice when they went 3 wide at times Tamme was at the slot and not Welker. Things that make you go hmmmm


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      :salute: :goz: :salute:


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        Originally posted by armedequation View Post
        that was jt that joked about that i could have sworn
        It was. :thumb:

        Thought everyone knew that.


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          Originally posted by JWinn View Post
          It was. :thumb:

          Thought everyone knew that.

          I did too. And then I saw this thread.
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            Is really doesn't matter because Welker is bad guy, not a role model by any stretch of the imagination. I really hope this is his last year with the Broncos.
            Welker is lame, if he is such good bed buddies with TB he should have stayed put with the Pasties.
            He definitely not a Denver Bronco IMO.


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              Originally posted by one_bad_55 View Post
              Also due to the poor play of the o-line we had to use 2 TE sets as well as bring in an additional linemen to block. The problem with this is you really limit who you can throw to on these plays so it is almost a for sure give away that these are running plays.

              We gave up a sack yesterday using 6 blockers against 3 pass rushers. THAT IS PATHETIC................

              I am not happy with how bad the o-line is playing and instead of getting better they are getting worse and compensating by putting more people at the line. If it takes 6 linemen and/or 2 TE's to block 4 D-Linemen and 2 LB's it only leaves limited WR's or RB on those plays.

              I think the o-linemen need to run some laps and lose some weight so they can actually move their fat behinds to actually run block a little better. We need to bench Clark and put Franklin back at RT. We need to find a decent LG that can actually pull and block.

              I am getting tired of the poor performance of our O-Line and it is about time the coaches did something about it. We are half as effective on the offense than we were last year and you can clearly see it is mainly the O-Line's fault.

              I saw multiple plays where Franklin has pushed his blocking assignment WAAAAY back when he needed to. So I am not as concerned about him. Ramirez on the other hand has really struggled.

              the blame is not only on the o-line though. Manning under-threw, honestly I bet it was over 10 balls last game. It was awful.


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                Against the 49'ers I hope Nelson gets the majority of the snaps I think he can do a better job than Marshall on Spying Kaepernick.

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                  I posted a thread before the season started about the O-line about my concerns, and I was flamed by the sunshine pumpers on this board. The fact the front office did little to nothing to improve this unit made me scratch my head; especially if you take into consideration how much $ they spent in the offseason. The offensive line lost the Super Bowl IMHO. That unit was obviously the most outmatched when facing quality opponents.

                  If this team is going to win a Super Bowl, they will need to improve the personnel. Show me a Super Bowl championship team in the last 15 years that didn't have a way above average pass rush.

                  I have never been impressed by Manny, Franklin is garbage, Vasquez must have peaked last year, Clark is garbage, and Clady only plays one position. This is a mediocre unit.


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                    Ramirez graded the worst of any Bronco this season at -5.9 and his lowest grade in his seven years in the league. @PFF.

                    Should he sit and have Montgomery come in at center? Should he move back to guard and we re-shuffle our line, perhaps benching Clark and putting Franklin back at RT?

                    Either way, our OL has been nothing short of disappointment in numerous area this season.

                    Lots to think about this week.


                    • ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- A weekly look at what the Denver Broncos must fix:

                      In an offense built on precision and making split-second changes at the line of scrimmage to put itself in the best possible play, the Broncos continue to give defenses too many second chances with penalties.

                      Yes, 4-1 is, and always will be, the bottom line. The Broncos win pretty, they win not so pretty, but penalties are self-inflicted items that seem to hurt worse the deeper a team is into the football calendar, so what gets overcome now might not be with a Super Bowl trip on the line.

                      And while the Broncos might not agree with all of the flags -- and they don't -- their 51 penalties in five games put them in not-so-good company. Of the 13 teams which have been flagged at least 51 times this season, only the St. Louis Rams (1-4) and Broncos have not yet played six games.

                      The team’s offensive line continues to draw many of those flags, even as it struggles to tighten up the gaps in the run-blocking scheme. The Broncos are always going to draw the occasional holding penalty to keep any rushers who get free from hitting quarterback Peyton Manning -- better a 10-yard walk-off than a clean shot on Manning -- but some defensive coaches in the league say the Broncos linemen are tipping their hand with their footwork in the run game by having the linemen back out slightly before they pull to run wide.

                      Defensive linemen are shooting those gaps as soon as they see the movement. Broncos linemen have been flagged for several holding penalties in the run game, including two more Sunday against the New York Jets, as they have tried to combat that.

                      In all on Sunday, four of the five starting offensive linemen drew flags in the game. The one who didn't, right tackle Chris Clark, is the most penalized player on the team at the moment.

                      Right guard Louis Vasquez, who has played through some back and rib issues this season, has already drawn three flags, or the same number he did in all of the 2013 season when he was named an All Pro.

                      I support Kaepernick 100%


                      • I am also not thrilled with how the offensive line has looked during certain points of the season. Obviously, the run blocking needs improvement and there has been a fair amount of pressure allowed.

                        All that said -- and this isn't an excuse, just looking at the facts out there -- they have faced some of the best defensive lines and front sevens in the NFL over the first five games of the season according to Football Outsiders and looking at traditional stats --
                        FO PASS RUSH RANKINGS
                        1. Jets
                        2. Chiefs
                        8. Colts
                        10. Broncos
                        TOTAL SACKS
                        2. Jets
                        6. Colts
                        7. Chiefs
                        7. Broncos (tied with six other teams)

                        And for run defense --
                        FO RUN BLOCK RANKINGS
                        1. Cardinals
                        3. Seahawks
                        6. Broncos
                        7. Jets
                        YARDS ALLOWED PER ATTEMPT
                        2. Seahawks
                        3. Cardinals
                        5. Broncos
                        6. Jets

                        So every team the Broncos have faced are in the top ten in one category or another (the Jets are in both). The good news? The Broncos defense is in the top ten in every category.


                        • All that said, I am looking at some of the teams Denver will have to face in the coming weeks. Woof.
                          FO PASS RUSH RANKINGS
                          3. Chiefs
                          5. Dolphins
                          6. Bills
                          7. Chargers
                          11. Patriots
                          19. Bengals
                          27. Raiders
                          31. Niners
                          32. Rams

                          Of course two of the top ten are in the AFC West...
                          FO RUN STOP RANKINGS
                          4. Rams
                          5. Bills
                          8. Dolphins
                          13. Niners
                          18. Raiders
                          22. Chargers
                          23. Bengals
                          28. Patriots
                          32. Chiefs

                          So obviously, some of these teams you're going to want to run against more than pass against. Further emphasizing the need for a balanced offense. Of the Broncos opponents, only the Bills and Dolphins have top ten rankings in both run and pass defense.


                          • Did you see how Dallas beat Seattle? Their Oline BULLIED the Seattle Dline. Never thought I'd see it.

                            I don't know what happened to Manny. He was a PFF top 5 center last near, and handled Ngata well.

                            I don't know what happened to Vasquez. He's got more penalties this season than the previous 5 seasons or something.

                            I don't know what happened to Clady. He is beat for sacks all the time. He is NOT even close to Pro Bowl level.

                            Franklin's the same other than the position mismatch, and Clark has always been kinda below average.

                            But the first three guys (Manny, Vasquez, Clady) have dropped off quite a bit from last year...and they were the guys who didn't change position!
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                            • Eleven penalties on one team and two on the other is a red flag not only for officiating competence, but for bias as well. Throw in some obvious calls they missed, and I think a worse crew than Vinovich's has been discovered: Brad Allen's. Officiating is so uneven, Pat Kirwan says it is taken into account in the game plan.
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                              • Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                                Eleven penalties on one team and two on the other is a red flag not only for officiating competence, but for bias as well. Throw in some obvious calls they missed, and I think a worse crew than Vinovich's has been discovered: Brad Allen's. Officiating is so uneven, Pat Kirwan says it is taken into account in the game plan.
                                Part of me almost wonders if the officials are being instructed to try and keep these games close so long as they can find a call. the super easy call which was just stupid was the Fasemask on Juwan Thompson. So much for player safety I guess....