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Terrell Davis: A Football Life (Trailer)

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    I just watched it tonight and I swear I can't watch the old highlights from that era without tearing up.

    It is a absolute travesty that he isn't in the HOF. The committee needs to be ashamed of themselves for that. Greatest Post-Season RB in history, Only RB with the trifecta, and the list goes on with everything everyone has said in this thread.

    I remember speaking to Peter King, when he was a regular on NFL radio, and that's the only nonsense argument against TD that he had, "Body of work was too short". That infuriates me, and I'm glad that it ticks off everyone from that era as well as a few class opponents.

    And for Curtis Martin to get in before him, enrages that fire even more. He was never revered as the best back, for any stretch. Solid producer, "Hall of Very-Good" maybe, but nothing legendary.


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      TD next to Elway was our greatest player of all time

      What a difference he made to our organization. Without him we would not have won the two Superbowls. I am totally convinced by that. He brought so much physicality to the team. Watching him run was such a joy and he was such a great fit to the system we ran at that time with the zone blocking and his cut back ability.

      Looking back at his stats (especially in the playoffs) and what he was able to achieve in such a short time (league MVP, SB MVP and 2,000 y rushing) it is really a shame that he isn't in the HOF.
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