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Pre and post game rants--Postseason: 2015 Division Round: Colts vs Broncos

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  • CLEAN HOUSE!!!! With these lame duck coaches, I'm sick of the vanilla soft clueless fightless stuff


    • Every QB left in the playoffs is better than ours. Every QB left can do something when the pass protection breaks down but ours. Every QB left can throw on a rope but ours. Indy dared Peyton to make throws yesterday, he couldn't. When Peyton was in his prime it was how do you stop him, now it's defenses saying can you beat us.

      I think every year Fox has been here he's got the most out of his talent. I never bought into the hype of how talented we are. Most teams get hyped every year as having great talent. It's selling the game. Every point the OP makes he's talking about playoff games! Games most of the league can't get a coach to get them too!

      Baltimore game - All playoff games are tough. We lost because one guy failed miserably at his job. We lost to the eventual SB champs

      Seattle - Some has been, never was TE is the best source? Really! How about half our D missing due to injury. Pretty amazing we got there in the first place. Seattle is a great team, it wasn't some kind of underdog story where nobody could believe Seattle won.

      Indy - Cleary Indy straight up challenged Manning. He failed and there is no play call to fix the QB is 40 and enters every game with the tank half full. Manning came out strong from two weeks of rest and then had nothing left after the first drive. Luck is a stud. He can move his feet and is begging for a blitz, BEGGING. We stopped Luck plenty of times, Peyton was asked to answer and he could not! We forced three punts and had two picks. Plenty of possessions to put up points. Peyton was dared to make them pay and he could not.

      Too many people have filled their gullets with hype cake. Peyton wasn't a sure fire SB win before he came to Denver. So sorry if a good portion of this board bought in like they were reading "50 Shades of Peyton Manning". Fox isn't the best but he's darn good. I think he squeezed Peyton and this team for all they were worth. If he leaves be prepared. Coaching changes more often result in poor results. Look at our own division! Three teams with coaching changes and yet nothing has changed and we still own the division.
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      • Originally posted by fightinglee View Post
        I can tell its part of the coaches fault. We all knew Manning was having a hard time. A good coach needs to address that crap. You think pete caroll goes into that game and relies on Manning's arm after what we all witnessed for the second half of season?
        but that's the thing, a good coach doesn't matter if you don't have a good QB. Pete Caroll was a bad HC in the league until he got Wilson. Bellichick was bad before Brady.

        The Colts gameplan was obvious and Manning couldn't make the throws that would've beat their defense. You can't ask Fox to come up with a better gameplan for the first half, you have to hope that 19mil dollar QB can make those throws. He didn't and we lost.
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        • Our biggest problem(s) are that we have a conservative coach who cannot make adjustments. We have an aging QB who can be schemed out. And we have a terrible game plan, back to coaching.

          I see the same game plan every game. Run shallow crossers, WR screens, and pick plays. It's not hard to see this. If a fan can see that the play calling is redundant, a professional coach can. The 4th down play at the end totally exemplifies our issues. We didn't even throw the ball past the yard to gain. At least Dallas went big on their 4th down play.
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          • Originally posted by Bronco1577 View Post
            I am extremely upset about hearing him have multiple head coaching interviews and then seeing what the offense did today. I didn't expect them to go out and score 40 but 13 points is awful!! They had 2 freaking weeks to prepare!!!!!!!!!!!

            I saw very little creativity and PASSION (outside C.J. Anderson and Emmanuel Sanders) from the offense. What to the Demarius Thomas and Julius Thomas?

            The Colts played press coverage and blitzed quite often.
            Where are the plays to the rb besides shotgun runs? How about some screens, draws etc. Where were the crossing and rub routes, curls, etc. What the hell was the throwing deep down the sideline 10 times in row the 2nd quarter? I don't get this. What happened to motioning receivers to break press coverage? How about an end around? How about any new rinkles. I did see a couple plays that had Manning spinning around and throwing the ball wildly.

            I HOPE some other team offers him a job and does as well as Dennis Allen did.

            I think the NFL needs to have a freeze on ALL interviews until after the Superbowl. This makes things fair for everyone.
            I am not going to say that the interviewing that JDR and Gase took part in was the reasoning why we lost the game but I will say that anything, ANYTHING that takes focus from preparing a team for a playoff game needs to be placed on hold until the season including the playoffs and super bowl are over. The league needs to change this! Sure two assistants interviewing may not have hurt us in preparing for this game but it definitely was not beneficial for our team. Interviewing process needs to change now!



            • The glaring lack of preparation makes me think that coaching is the primary issue. Manning missed a ton of throws and was not without fault but he also had 5 drops by my count. All in all this loss is on the entire Broncos team not just one portion of it and when that is the case coaching is the first spot I look at.


              • I don't believe it had a significant impact on their preparation. Look back at last year and this year. Does it look like both the offensive and defensive coaches ever really prepared us? No.

                Whatever teams get Jack and Adam, they will be sorely regretful.
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                • Where are the reports or interview transcripts of Gase saying he is not good at play calling? I keep seeing this mentioned but can't find it.


                  • Originally posted by JakeNbake View Post
                    I don't know does Gase interviewing with teams hurt Manning's accuracy?
                    I don't know, do you think Manning's accuracy hurt Gase' chances at a HC job?
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                    • I know it is frustrating, But it should not have mattered. What mattered was the same as last years superbowl, and the last few games. Seems like no one cares, and no one is fired up, and there is the same game plan we have used all year.. So, no surprises.


                      • I'm not sure if the interviews affected him or not. I think it was just his inability to gameplan for big games. Peyton does a lot (usually) at the line of scrimmage, but Gase should be calling the plays. The playcalling was very bland to me. Where were the pick routes that we're so famous for? How about bunch formations and crossing routes? I don't understand how that wasn't in the gameplan. Even with an injured quad, 5-10 yard drags and crossing routes are easy.


                        • So Gase is to blame because he interviewed on his days off. That is your opinion?

                          If that is the case, then do you also blame every player for watching a movie, playing Madden or going out to dinner on their days off too?

                          IMO opinion the disappointing offensive performance was do to poor play on the field not on Gase.


                          • Originally posted by Hadez View Post
                            This tactic works with other defenses but never ours.

                            This is a successful tactic used by other DCs but I have never seen any DC use it unsuccessfully as many times as JDR. I do not think he has the ability to make it work, or our players do not have the ability and he lacks the skills to coach them up. To keep doing it and keep giving up successful pass plays is just plain stupid.
                            With this type of defense you're trying to make the QB get rid of the football quickly. Our problem is that the blitzes are not disguised well at all. It isn't a talent problem, pot roast is definitely nimble enough to handle it. JDR is not creative, he is a joke.
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                            • Pretty sure it's that our QB, as great as he was, is no more. If Peyton can't execute on what he does best at this point then there really isn't a play that can make him better. How creative can you be with a QB that can't move from a 4ft x 4ft square? Even if he has a pocket and steps in to his throw it's not an NFL fastball. Sorry, play calling and game planning can't compensate for these types of limitations. Seemed clear to me Peyton isn't comfortable making many throws and the ones he is comfortable with he couldn't connect.

                              On the first drive I saw a refreshed Peyton, after that he looked tired. He's 39, might as well be 60 in football years.

                              If Gase is this bad why are teams considering him? Are they clueless? Or, are we clueless? Maybe we're missing that our coaches have got quite a bit out of a guy that has pretty severe limitations. We fooled everyone but the best teams. Is it possible teams are impressed with what we got out of Manning at his age and skill set?
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                              • Manning. He's one dimensional, cannot run for 5 yds when he has 25 yds of space. That and he costs 20 million a year. He's not gonna win in the playoffs. You cannot coach your way out of that.