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Hope tonight made you realize how awful the gameplan was

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    Originally posted by The Donkinator View Post
    As a Pats fan, it is hard to believe what passes for offensive "game planning" by many teams in the NFL--not just Denver in that game. If they can't get off the line facing press coverage...maybe try motion, bunch sets, check to a run? Fox needed to be fired at half time. (It wasn't just Fox. Manning has been known for his adjustments and check downs, yet he did little to get out of a bad play.)
    fox didn't want motion, motion was rare other then manning adjusting the rb...its not like manning can just improvise and tell wrs to start motioning...if its not in the game book its just not there, and in my opinion that limited manning and the wrs
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      Manning could still check into a run if he sees press coverage and nickel personnel groups. It's a terrible system, but he still had some options in it. (That's assuming he wasn't in an empty set.)
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        Originally posted by govolsman View Post
        Statistically all nfl teams throw on 3rd and 1 way more than you would think. I will see if I can dig up the stat.
        Well, not really. Since Manning came to Denver, here are the stats for every team.

        In average, is 70-30 the play call favoring the run.
        Denver is a little above average when it comes to throwing the ball on 3rd & 1, but nothing very significant IMO.


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          It's easy to forget that alot of fans, of alot of different teams gripe about 3rd and short playcalling. I let my negativity on Manning cloud my judgement on that one, and I was probably harsher than I needed to be.

          Not that we shouldn't have run more, though. It's just that it's not a Manning specific issue. Plenty of OC's and QB's seem to pass more in those situations than fans would like.