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    Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post
    Hearing Dennison call plays doesn't make me think he's ready for it yet: Let's go Gun right uh, no gun left, no ummm, okay we'll go"

    In his defense if he's never done it before it's not super natural, it's not like playing a video game, I've called offensive plays before and frankly I was horrible at it.
    If I understood Kubiak correctly, he (Kubiak) will be calling the plays.


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      Coach D did seem a little flustered... I'm sure it will be fine. Whole offseason to get ready for action. I am petty excited!


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        After thinking about this today I'm going to correct myself and give Dennison the benefit of the doubt. At the Pro Bowl it's mostly a generic offense and they change it to a somewhat generic language so that the players and coaches can all understand it. There's a decent chance Dennison was trying to think of the play he wanted, coming up with it in the language that Kubiak uses and then trying to change it to the generic language that they were using. That would be pretty tough, especially if you're not consistently calling plays all the time.

        I know Kubiak said that he'd be a big part of the playacting but there would be input from Dennison in game plans and what he thinks is there, there would also be times where Kubiak would let Dennison call plays.