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    Originally posted by capt. Jack View Post
    I just wanna WIN! If Peyton is healthy and can get it done I want him! If Ben is available, he idolized Elway growing up, so I like Him! If Quiver's if available I wouldn't mind having him!!! I just like an experienced QB, after the nonsense we have been going through since Plummer!

    (I am not sold on "Broccoli")

    Ben will not be available, they are working on his contract right now. And I seriously doubt the Broncos will go down that route again or bringing in a seasoned FA veteran. I think they would rather develop Brock, bring in a backup to compete with him or draft someone this year. Who knows, but I seriously doubt them going back to a veteran FA again.
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      I am good with whatever they do. Actually Brock threw that nice Td this year, looked like a strong, accurate pass! I am Just bummin' we couldn't get it done the past couple years.

      The draft is kinda a crap-shoot with QB's?

      And as far as FA QB's well the last one wasn't too shabby?

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        Eh, that's what they do nowadays on these types of shows. They just need to talk about something that will stir things up, especially with a lot less topics to discuss with the season over.

        At first I was convinced the Broncos wanted Peyton to stay, now I don't know what to think. Go or stay, I hope Peyton announces it soon so we can all move forward. I am a huge Peyton fan and I would love for him to come back but not if half the fans and now, reportedly, the organization doesn't want him.


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          I hope it's both.


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            I agree completely, but I also think "has been" are the key words here. He has been at the top for a very long time, but I think he has declined the past couple of years to the point that the only way he has to go now, is down, and if he plays next year, I think it will only get worse. When Elway decided to retire he was still a lot more effective all around than Manning is presently in terms of mobility, arm strength, and willing to put his body on the line for the sake of the team. I'm not saying Manning is a coward, I just think given his present physical condition, he's hearing more "foot steps" than he used to, and that's effecting his accuracy and decision making. I hope he chooses to retire.
            Originally posted by capt. Jack View Post
            Peyton has been a GREAT BRONCO, no question!