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Bring back the old uniforms!!

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    Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post
    Idk, I kind of like Thursday games. I shoot in a pool league on Thursday nights during the winter and really enjoy watching games while I shoot.
    I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the pool game when we were on.
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      Originally posted by Rastic View Post
      Finally. Those were the absolute worst uniforms.
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        Originally posted by -Rod- View Post
        Great News:

        The color rush uniforms are gone!!!

        That sucks I like those more than any.
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          Originally posted by bhatz View Post
          Bronco Nation,

          And we should also bring back the royal blue helmets with the Denver D on it with a snarling Bucky Bronco bursting through.
          I've always loved the old D helmet design. I doubt we'll ever see it brought back, but I for one would love it.


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            I'd love for them to have 2x Alternate uniforms to use at any time.

            1st - Old School Broncos Uniform we grew up with (Light Blue Helmet, Old Broncos D, Orange Jersey, White Pants).
            2nd - The throwback ones we wore playing and beating the Patriots McDaniel's first year. They were kinda of gawd aful and great all at the same time.

            However I know with the color rush uni's we did use the old Denver D however there is/was some obscure league rule that now prohibits us from changing from the primary helmet color. Forget where I read it but an article covered that right before we debuted those uniforms against the Chargers the year before last.

            So something has changed because when we and the rest of the league wore those throwback uni's some of the helmets were VERY different in color from the teams standard helmets. Also as someone else pointed out I do remember in the early 2000's for one of the Thanksgiving games we did wear the old uniforms for a game or two.

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              I’m ready for a change. I don’t care for the color change, 90’s tribal tattoo logo or the swoosh stripe on the side of our current uniforms. Time for a change. I love the Broncos, but have always hated our current look.
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                I am ok with the new uniforms, but I see no reason the pre-superbowl winning uniforms couldn't be used. I personally liked the new change when they came out and I kind of miss those Orange jersey's with the D helmet.

                Oakland, KC, and even the LA Chargers up until the move to LA, have stayed with the same basic color scheme and uniform designs. San Diego even went more old school look not to long ago. Ultimately if this team wins the fans are going to embrace the Orange, or the Blue and whatever Helmet design that goes with.


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                  I like how the dolphins just changed to a classic modern look. Uniforms are getting too busy and are losing class. I like the mix of past and present. Simplicity beats the style of the busy crazy uniforms any day. Bring old-school class to our uniforms too please.