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Is there a possibility of a marriage between Peyton's offense and Kubiak's?

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    Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
    Convenient how they don't mention that Kubiak was the OC during those two Super Bowls or how he was the genius behind mike shannahan who actually made the playoffs less than kubiak has since they split.
    That whole piece is 100% conjecture. I would be shocked if Schlereth has any inside info. He is well known for being a shock jock and that's just not the way our front office operates.
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      Originally posted by gerontion View Post
      I honestly don't think a marriage is possible. First, Peyton has certain physical limitations. He is immobile and lacks the ability to bootleg effectively. Second, he is obviously much more comfortable in the shotgun. Of course, it is not all on him. Our O-line is atrocious. We sure as hell can't operate Kubiak's system if we can't run the ball. The line will get better, but how much? I think Kubiak will eventually acquiesce to Manning's system because we honestly can't score any other way.
      And I hope Kubiak is the kind of coach that realizes the team's strength and weakness. Until we improve our blocking, there is not going to be a running game...period!