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    Rewatched the game this evening, and schofield was pretty servicable in the run game. Of course, most of the runs to the right, CJ kept getting arm tackled.

    I was truthfully expecting a lot worse than what I saw.

    Hooray, beer!


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      The only bad play I remember from Schofield was when he lowered his head and somewhat lunged, allowing the defender to loop inside of the guard.
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        Originally posted by Rancid View Post
        I recall most of the significant runs were to the left where Harris played or up the middle. Hillman had a couple nice ones up the middle and the big one to the left. CJ had a nice one up the middle.

        Does anyone recall any runs to the right behind Scholfield? If there was, I do not remember them.
        I would need to re-watch the game to tell you exactly when it happened, but there was a run to the right where Schofield drove a 3 tech down to the Center hole or farther.
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          Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
          Harris was between green and Daniels, he made a cut block to seal off the pursuit. His best block all season.

          Schofield was great IMO. There were some big cutback lanes that he opened up but the RB just didn't see it
          Okay I Was just going of memory and just remembered daniels was outside and greens guy was attempting to make a tackle off of greens block. So I remember what happened at the hole just not before it lol. So I believe you on Harris.

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            Originally posted by #87Birdman View Post
            The big one up the middle by cj scholfield down blocked and made the hole.

            The big one by hillman wad to the left and he ran between daniels and green if I remember correctly
            Yes. Daniels was split about two yards on LOS from Harris. Green was off between, c.1x1 off Harris. Green blocked down; Daniels kicked out; and Harris pulled and cut.
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