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Any realistic solutions for offensive woes?

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    Originally posted by Bronco51 View Post
    I think that would work better if he was under center.
    It works fine from Pistol.
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      Originally posted by RSH View Post
      Denver has played plenty of two tight end sets. For whatever reason, Owen Daniels remains the main receiving tight end with Virgil Green, as an in-line blocker. I view this as a mistake. Daniels seems to be unable to get any separation from coverage this season. Unfortunately, Andrew Mason does not see Green becoming more of a receiving threat in the weeks to come. Mason wrote,

      During the offseason, there was emphasis placed on getting Virgil Green more involved in the Broncos' passing game. Through a quarter of the regular season, Green has been targeted five times and caught three passes for 38 yards and one touchdown. Do the Broncos still intend to get Green more looks as a receiver, or will protection issues force Denver into continuing to use Green as more of an in-line blocker? As always, thank you for your well-reasoned response.

      -- Ryan Hansen

      I'd expect Green to continue getting extensive work as a blocker, especially in the short term. The Broncos' two longest runs last week were a direct result of Green's blocking. Perhaps we will see more two-tight end formations, and from time to time, he'd get involved as a potential target, but with the offensive line in injury-spawned flux, look for him to keep blocking in the short term.
      Good post. After Casey's release, Virgil Green is also listed at FB.
      "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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        Originally posted by cmc0605 View Post
        It sounds like the Broncos wanted to give Juwan Thompson a real chance the last two weeks, but he ended up getting hurt early on. Hopefully he bounces back from the injuries and gets that chance. I think he has quite a bit of upside.
        Yes, he's banged up since Detroit. I hope he's back soon.
        "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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          Another thing Denver could do to help the offense other then the pistol, Is something Kubiak said he was planning on doing and I do not see why he went away from it, No need to Replace manning but why not 5-10 plays a game bring in OZ to shake up the defense make them play honest. Here's what I mean If he is in the Defense will have to play honest as he can throw deep and accurate this free's up stacking the line so we can run it better with him in this means that teams would have to watch tape on 2 Qb's. Have 5-6 plays for OZ to use during a game keeping the D on their toe's. This would work for GB and NE as anytime we can free up the running game some is a good thing. If we do not want to bring in Rice or any other player or make a Trade of any kind the Kubiak needs to use a little bit of tricks.

          We may have the best WR duo in the NFL and if the defense is scared OZ can hit Sanders in stride for 60 yards or maybe OZ decides to pitch it to Hillman there is no reason we should not be doing this unless he is saving it for a rainy day.


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            The most realistic solution will be to make it to the bye week healthy, and make adjustments then.


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              Originally posted by drgiggles View Post
              Yes they have opened some holes. What also needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that in the pistol they are 2yards deeper. Even when they have holesor creases they are struggling to make that additional 2 yards bac because of the closing speed of these professional athletes.
              NO THEY'RE NOT!!! The RBs line up with their toes at 7 yards in a zone system, whether it's in pistol or under centre. They're are not deeper now than they used to be. The reason zone RBs line up deeper than regular RBs (or at least they used to, but everyone has migrated to 7 now) is that zone plays are not quick hitters, the RB needs the time for the blocking to develop so that he can read where the crease will be. They have an aim point, their first step is directly at that and then they continue on that track, they "press the line" as much as they can using patience and then explode through the hole when they find it.


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                Originally posted by BroncoSynapses View Post
                The O-line looked better in preseason when Brock worked with the ones than it did with Peyton. IMO at least. So I think there is reason to think that.

                They also played vanilla defenses that were used with very little game planning. Not to mention players like JJ Watt sat out against them. The o-line will not suddenly become all world with Osweiller in there. One thing that tells you that Kubiak doesn't have a lot of faith in the o-line is that they've completely abandoned trying to run stretch, they don't even try it, out of pistol Manning can easily get to the mesh point, so that's not the reason. But without stretch the Broncos can't successfully run the bootlegs (if Osweiller were in) there's no reason for the back side end to crash if the counted players (players the o-line are blocking) are shutting the play down on their own.

                In lieu of even trying to run stretch with the line getting on their tracks and moving together the Broncos have gone to running a toss with the o-line blocking with a pin and pull technique.


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                  Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                  Good post. After Casey's release, Virgil Green is also listed at FB.
                  Virgil on the Fan was very proud of how important he is on special teams. I wonder if that holds the coaches back from making him #1 TE. Daniels is not getting the job done and not helping #18 at all in the passing game.