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  • After thinking about it more and looking at the film, the hardest thing to understand is why they didn't run the ball on the 2nd INT. CJ was running great inside during the comeback (3 carries for 23 yards). Just hand the ball off or at least run a high percentage play. Indy clearly didn't respect the PA fake, Paradis whiffed and Manning should have checked down to Caldwell instead of going for a bigger one to DT who tripped.

    6 minutes to go, run the ball grind out the win or a FG for OT at worst. I get it Manning has a perfect passer rating in the half at the time but if you really want to be a physical team, run the ball in that situation.


    • It all stars up front, our line was constantly getting pushed back with no lateral movement for the backs to plant a foot and hit a opening. Yes we got a few good runs, but what I saw was a oline that got dominated from the start.

      For those who say PM should play under center, the line simply cannot hold long enough for manning to hand the ball off, as someone posted or line is ranked 29th in run blocking!!!

      Just let that sink in for a moment and then you may find your answer as too why we can't run the ball very well. we need the line to improve before we can consistently start running the ball and is that simple.

      Improve the run blocking and the run game will improve along with the line, we have a very very crappy line and mediocre backs that cannot compensate for the lack of talent on the line.

      Thus enter PM and a pass happy O if we want to score points, and when you throw as much as we have too with our WRs dropping passes with a junk line you get some picks with the amount of times we throw the ball always under pressure.


      • I started this thread and I will add one thing.....if we are to have any long term success, we have to get more from our run game. I am not sure if there is any one component that needs more fixing in the equation (and there are a number of factors to consider, not just one or two), but I hope, really hope, we can run with more effectiveness, starting this week. I assume our coaching staff will focus on this part of the game and address what they can to get it where it needs to be. Hopefully our backs are healthy, but I have a sense that they are hurting a bit. Good on them if so, for trying!

        I think KC will feel our wrath!!!


        • Indy plays mostly an odd front. From that alignment, they seem to want to funnel runs to the middle. Conventional wisdom is it's a waste of time to run outside on that type of D.

          Of Denver's fourteen rushing attempts, eleven were outside/edge. Those attempts gained 21 yards. That's 1.5 ypa.

          Denver's four inside runs gained 14 yards for 3.5 ypa; not great, but significantly better.

          The longer the game went on with Denver playing catch up, throwing more was inevitable. I think they intend to run against KC this Sunday.

          IMO, the correct way for the run game to attack funnel odd fronts is between the Tackles. They will have another opportunity against such a defense this Sunday. We'll see how it goes.
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