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    Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
    The reason we lost to the Colts was that was the first QB all year willing to stay in the pocket and take a beating. Alex Smith is the most skittish QB in the league. Broncos will win by 10+
    Well Luck ran out of it last week. While getting a win he took a huge beating all game.

    Will be out many games if not all of them for this year.

    It tells the rest of the QBs we are gonna kick your butts.

    Taking a few roughing the passer penalties gets inside the QBs head, gives them Happy feet.


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      Originally posted by haciendadad View Post
      First of all, people are saying that the Broncos spotted the Colts 17 points or that the Defensive penalties were the reason we lost, what about the non-effective offense in the first half? That has nothing to do with the Defense! If anything, it was the offense's fault that the defense let 17 points get scored because the offense was kept doing 3 and out and the defense was back on the field. It wasn't until the offense started scoring did the defense start holding back the Colt's offense.

      So that being said, we barely beat the Chiefs a month ago, and that is with the same "skittish" QB that will be playing this weekend, and we don't have two of our best defensive players but we have the same lame offensive players. One more difference is that now the Broncos D doesn't look so tough to the opponents if a mediocre team can beat this defense. This defense has to play their absolute best AND get lucky to win. That requires a lot of discipline and when it comes down to that, I am a lot less sure that this team can beat anyone after what I saw last week.

      I think the Patriots and Bengals are sleeping a lot better now they saw a very beatable defense. Just jump out ahead fast and our defense comes unraveled. Before you count wins, I think a little brake pumping needs to be done! Obvious, the Colts rise up every time they play against Peyton because it seems like records just don't factor in. I think there are a lot of teams that are in the same category as the Colts. I would say Chiefs and Raiders played us tough this year and almost won and will be a little more prepared after seeing when the Colts did. Even if we beat the Chiefs, I am feeling it will probably be yet another close game unless our offense shows up.
      But also remember, that at the time, KC was in the picture and at home. And they had one of the very best RBs on their roster - Jamaal Charles. Ironically he had 2 fumbles, the last of which gave us the victory. So my point is a decent a point.

      With no Charles and home field, and supposedly an improving Oline, I really like our chances!


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        Before we even think about playing the game this weekend.The NFL will need to work with the FBI and CIA to see if this weekends games are safe. So heartbreaking. #PrayForParis

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