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Toughest Game Left In Regular Season

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    I think every game is equal, injuries will start to pile up on all teams. SD and Oak are scary as they are divisional opponents and those always seem to end in 10 pts or less. I think Pittsburgh is our toughest, Dalton has more of a chance to get rattled in my opinion and make more mistakes.


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      Maybe another question. looking forward..
      is which game would be the one Manning could make a comeback?
      I could go through each one and give good reasons why Peyton cant come back..
      right now... this season...
      but the bottom line is...
      as an individual... he can not afford to come back and fail..
      he would never get hired for another team if he lays another egg..
      Manning coming in and flubbing it up against any of those teams...
      would simply kill the team spirit.. momentum...
      Oz' belief that he has the confidence of the Coaches...
      Bottom line is.... they are ALL too important..
      for the team.
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        Based on the Texans game with the Bengals, I'd say Dalton is great but struggles against a consistent and healthy defense. Denver by far is the hardest team that they have to face, and unfortunately is at our house for them. The pittsburgh game is by far much more challenging, since they have some scary offensive plays, but if our defense shows up to neutralize Roethlisberger like they did to Brady in most of the 4th and OT, then I'd say Broncos come out on top by 10.
        Superbowl 50 Champions!


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          cincy game doesn't worry me at all. Broncos always plays well when facing good competition. Its the bad/teams with losing records that I'm worried about. Seems like every season we drop a game or two to a scrub team. This year it was kansas city at home. I know they are playing well now, but still, gotta win those games. Thats really the difference between us and NE. NE never loses those types of games, they always take care of business. Now I know things would have been different if manning wasn't sabotaging us in that game, but it has been a trend for this team in the past.

          That being said, id say our toughest game is actually every game left beside Cincinnati.