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    Originally posted by MHSalute View Post
    I agree we can't keep everyone, just do not think that applies to this offseason:

    MJ 7mm AAV
    Wolfe 7MM AAV
    VD 4MM AAV
    Brock 12MM AAV /w incentives
    Trevathan 6MM AAV

    36MM and I missing anyone?
    Malike for 7M ha. Send him packing. He is alright. But in my opinion not worth more than. 4 M. Hes But isn't Chris Harris making 8 mill a year.and malike is no where only the same level. Although different positionS.
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      Originally posted by ksubroncosfan View Post
      Basing my opinion off recent history, I would be willing to bet that John chooses between Wolfe and Jackson. Then we draft/sign cheap veteran to replace the other one. Just my guess though. I could be wrong.
      This is what I see happening as well, whichever is determined to be the best value. I thought we might get Wolfe on the cheap because of the suspension and injuries he has had but he really hit the ground running this season. I believe Malik will be overpaid and is not irreplaceable by a long shot. We will miss his aggressive nature but not the lack of discipline.
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        Cameron Heyward got 10 million a season last year. Kendall Langford got 4.3 per year. Malik will fall in between that somewhere on the high side as another season has passed. If 7m is the figure I would be more comfortable giving that money to Wolfe myself. He is a consistent player with the occasional dominant game, Malik disappears often and has too many bone head plays.

        Edit: I believe we could get Wolfe to stay slightly cheaper than that figure as well. Maybe 5 - 5.5 per season, which I believe is fair value for both sides. Malik imo will be after the money and will be too rich.
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          Clady, Manning and Ware will HAVE to take a signigicant cut to stay on the team. All three
          have injury issues and age playing against them. Manning, I think, will be the most stubborn. Easy solution, fail his physical and I think that relieves us from his contract. I remember only his first year of 20 million was guaranteed the rest dependant on him passing a physical yearly.
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            Originally posted by gtown53 View Post
            My point is that people are acting like once Manning is gone, we'll have that money to spend, elsewhere, when the reality is that a good portion, if not all of that money will transfer to Brockweiler, depending on how he finishes the season, or some QB we might pick up in a blockbuster acquisition.
            Unless Brock pulled a Flacco and won the SB, he isnt getting 20 million.

            Maybe around what Foles got, around 10-11 mil or so.

            Von is alot cheaper to tag than Brock is.


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              This is going to be a very interesting offseason for us.

              We can speculate all over the place on contracts.

              I personally do not fault players for trying to maximize their first free agent contract

              Assuming they not trying to break the bank I would try to keep Wolfe and Malik. DEs who can make plays are not easy to find but rare is the def player worth the new max contract for his position.

              Oz is a tough one. If he tries to break the bank and ends up being a QB who can not adjust past "NFL adjustment" all teams do once a guy has enough game film to know how to exploit that guys weakness.....if Oz can not improve past that point and we sign him to a big deal we will screw our team for many years.

              If we do not want to really hose the future of our team imo Ware, PM and Clady will play for A LOT less or be released.

              Clady is probably gone because another team will pay him more than us.
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                MJ was the stud today. I still say give them both the same deal 6MM AAV and extend Sly 5MM. Honestly, 17MM is not too much to spend on our dominant DL IMO.
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