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Which AFC West fans do you dislike more than the other 2?

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    Originally posted by KansasKrista View Post
    I live in KS so for me this answer is easy ... Chiefs fans.

    I will say this though.. Chiefs fans are not as bad as they used to be. I think having too many losing seasons in the past 15 years has made them mellow quite a bit. Also around "Tebow time" I started noticing a lot of Bronco fans out and about. Today I would say I see just as many folks with Bronco gear as Chiefs where I live.

    I had a very bad experience with two Chiefs fans back in the Elway/ Super Bowl years.
    I had my son with me who was 4 at the time and he was wearing a Bronco hat and I was in a Bronco sweatshirt.. And two total jerks (I'd like to use more colorful words there) walked past us in a grocery store parking lot and scared my kid half to death by yelling at him. I won't repeat what was said but, they targeted a 4 year old because he had a Bronco hat on. I was putting groceries away and facing my car and my son was standing right next to me but facing towards the parking lot, and they saw his hat and yelled profanities at a 4 year old. Yes, there are actual losers like that out there. I yelled back "real mature, picking on a 4 year old".. and next thing they come over to me and let's just say I felt physically threatened. I didn't just feel it.. I was threatened, let's keep it real.
    Anyway, my husband was still in the store cause he ran into someone he knew on the way out and I just wanted to get to the car so I went ahead and then this happened. My husband came walking up around then thank goodness and of course the jerks took off. My husband was like " what's going on" cause my son was crying and I was visibly shaken. I'm glad they ran off cause I think my husband would have done something he would have regretted.
    They were young guys, like maybe 18 or 19 but, that's no excuse. That really tainted my opinion of Chiefs fans for a long time. We had only lived in KS for a couple months at this point after we had moved from Broomfield. I knew most Chiefs fans were great people but, that stuck with me. A couple of bad apples that's for sure.
    man...that sounds horrible. I'm glad your husband was around, and that sucks that there are people like that around. I doubt that's a 'Chief's' thing, rather just a 'horrible human being' sort of thing.
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