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Peyton to be on sideline or in locker room vs Raiders Today

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    Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
    If they don't..How do we explain the countless other times they did then? Even Ware traveled last week, as well as for the other games he missed early on in the year. The only game injured players didn't travel for was the Chi game. Go look at the team's pictures of the guys all dressed up and boarding the plane. For every away game, darn near every inured player is in those pictures, getting on the team plane. Now maybe they step off of the plane after pictures and just stay here, but I doubt it
    Ware was reportedly doing stuff on the practice field even though he wasn't put in the game. From what I recall there was a real chance of him playing last week. On the other hand Manning has a badly hurt foot and they are taking it very easy on him because there is a serious risk of messing up his rehab if it isn't done very, very carefully. It seems to me that getting him on and off a plane, with all of the stress on his foot that entails, would be a dangerous and unnecessary risk.
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