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Is it Possible we..don't make it at all?

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    Definitely out. Team cannot win and the offense is atrocious at best. NO running game and no one who wants to step up and carry the team. Signing that bustoff Davis was a disaster too. Sunk us two games in a row. NEVER should see the field again. This team has turned out to be a joke. What a waste too, because I believe they have the best defense in the NFL. Just a semi-productive offense would change this team, so our D isn't on the field all the time. I put a lot on the coaching too. Kubiak makes no adjustments and can't seem to get the second half slumps turned around. Short leash for him, Elway needs to not be afraid to kick him to the curb.


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      Originally posted by hawaiiiancrush View Post
      If Elway just hands the keys to Bronco without a open QB competition between Trevor an Brock or whoever may be on the FA market he is not doing his job imo
      He handed them to Kubiak.. Top 5 offense the last 3 years is now #32..


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        Originally posted by fraguela09 View Post
        For DEN to miss the playoffs entirely... They would have to go 1-1 and all 3 teams (KC, PIT, NYJ) would have to win both games. Jets will lose to NE... Now, if we lose both games...

        Anyway... Win both we are the two seed... Split... And we are a Wild Card team (slim chance we miss)... Lose both and we will be out (slim chance we get the WC).

        Beating CIN won't be easy. Then, SD has 10 days to prepare for us while we have a short week... That won't be easy either.
        There's really no excuse, this team HAS to win these last 2 games, if they lose them both it will be an epic meltdown greater than anything Shanny or McDaniels did. To go from the number 1 seed to out of the playoffs in just a few weeks would be crazy, especially considering they held double digit leads in 2 of the losses.

        Both games are at home, against a backup QB and a struggling team fighting for the first overall pick. The playoffs essentially start now, I think the fans realize the urgency, I just hope the players and coaches see it too.


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          I just checked the stats on the Broncos' offensive possessions in the 2nd half against the Steelers:

          5 plays, 6 yards (2:18)
          3 plays, 3 yards (0:53)
          4 plays, 29 yards (1:44)
          3 plays, -10 yards (1:13)
          3 plays, 10 yards (1:23)
          3 plays, -6 yards (1:40)
          3 plays, 16 yards (1:15)
          7 plays, 24 yards (1:10)
          4 plays, 0 yards (0:21)

          If they continue to play like this in the 2nd half of games, it's likely.


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            Originally posted by Broncos-R-Great View Post
            The playoffs essentially start now, I think the fans realize the urgency, I just hope the players and coaches see it too.
            Key sentence right there, key phrase underlined.

            Originally posted by Garfield View Post
            I was hoping that the running game would show up,
            For that to happen, we need RBs that can run with the ball, read the holes and lanes, and hold onto the ball when hit, all in the same play, every touch they get. We don't have anyone of that caliber, evidently.
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            --I have 2 favorite teams - #1 Broncos, #2 whoever is playing against Dallas.