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When do we cut Colquitt?

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    Originally posted by Garfield View Post
    I tend to believe that this is more of the coverage thing than any special skill on his part.
    It's partly coverage but also indicates decent hang time, a kick that doesn't have hang time (on both kickoff and punt) is dangerous for the kicking team.


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      I've heard somewhere on 104.3 that there is some indication that Colquitt might be getting directives to boot many safe punts with the desire to not give big returns in the punt game and put our trust in the defense making stops. I don't know if this is true but it would certainly explain why his punting average and number of out of bounds punts has change drastically in the last year. I do know that we have to have more inside the 20 punts come playoff time or we are going to get a quick exit (that is, if we actually make the playoffs, which is not guaranteed at this point)
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