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Kubiak must prove himself in the playoffs

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    Originally posted by Bocks View Post
    Kubiak has what it takes. Watch the Playoff highlights from last year. He called an EXCELLENT game and barring a blown coverage on a trick play they would have beat the Pats at home.

    This is comforting....
    Different team, different players, different line.

    What we have seen recently with Kubiak is for some reason he is either unwilling or incapable of having Brock adjust the offensive play-call at the LOS like he allows Peyton to do. This will forever hinder our teams ability to make real adjustments in-game and do great things.

    Another issue I have seen is adjustments are just simply slow. Too slow. We are seeing multiple series where we are being sent packing 3 and out and really are not seeing adjustments.


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      Originally posted by XterraRob View Post
      How about just being grateful that Kubiak and the team has gotten us to the playoffs in his first year and with a new offense and a backup QB.
      I am grateful. I just want, and expect, to see a lot more from our team in the postseason than we did under Fox.


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        Originally posted by fraguela09 View Post
        But... Like you said... We have to win 1 game (at least) or we went no further than we did last year. PIT has a suspect defense and KC an impotent offense.
        KC is 9th in pts scored and 6th in rushing. Not as impotent as people make them out to be. Scoring, the most important stat, they've done well at. Also, they've been a lot stronger lately, after starting a little slow.

        Denver is 19th in points and 17th in rushing. Our offense is what is going to get us into trouble in the playoffs, unless we can figure out how to put a full game together.

        Steelers defense is 11th in pts and 5th in rushing defense. Neither team is a slouch.


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          Originally posted by gerontion View Post
          I'm not saying it's Superbowl or bust. However, Kubiak certainly has to show he is capable of preparing the team better than John Fox did. Denver has had a number of successful regular seasons lately, but has faded badly in the playoffs. It's one thing to lose. I mean, this team is far from perfect. But, as Elway said, we had better go out "kicking and screaming."

          I personally feel Kubiak needs to at least get us to the AFC title game. Not that it will be easy. Our two likeliest opponents are the Big Ben led Steelers and the red hot Chiefs. Most pundits would probably pick against us in either scenario. Both teams have excellent coaches in Tomlin and Reid, respectively. Kubiak has to step it up, just as the team does. At the very least we can't have an outcome that resembles what happened against Seattle in the SB or Indy in the divisional round.
          It's his first year man. And he hasn't even been able to get this team (offense) exactly the way he wants it with Manning here. He's having to blend what he knows works with what Manning needs..... and no matter who the coach is would have to adjust to this OL considering injuries.

          Anyway, I believe Kubiak gets a mulligan till Manning is gone anyhow - unless he outright loses games for the team. I'm not saying he'd get fired either. Just saying unless he blunders something egregious, he gets a pass.

          Having said this, I truly believe we will see some new things in the playoffs. Kubiak is clever and he's sly. I think he will make his own presence known despite all the compromises he's had to make this season. Granted, what he compromises could be easily weathered if Manning plays like he's capable of. I wouldn't be surprised if Denver rested Manning longer than we really needed to on purpose (not because he was injured) but because Kubiak and Elway are some smart dudes. They saw Manning the last 4 years up close. The rest really should help Manning. He did take a hell of a shot though to the chest in the SD game, but ....... So consider the rested Manning factor. But also when preparing for Denver, noone has really seen Manning in 2 months. Teams may have less confidence in what to expect from this offense. AND, with the long break for Manning, maybe Denver's prepared some post season wrinkles that no-one has seen yet. I betcha......

          A lot of fans in here don't seem to like Koobs but I personally truly believe he knows what he's doing, has the heart to make sure it's done right, and is sly enough to not get walked all over like Fox' crew. This is what I miss about Shanny. Shanny was as sly as they come...... in a Sean Payton way.

          If our players are up to it, I think we'll see some VERY EXCITING football when it's our turn.
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          The beatings will continue until morale improves....